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  1. Hi All - I'm facing a strange incidence for which I believe my SSD is the culprit. I've gotten a new motherboard and processor up and running in my system. After installing them and booting I received an error telling me I had an unmovable boot volume on my Crucial mx500, which I've owned for about a month. I resolved this by doing a clean install of Windows 10. Afterwards I was able to boot into windows as expected. It was late and I was eager to head to bed so I just quit after seeing it boot to windows properly. Today I started installing most of the needed driver updates (chipset,LAN,audio) and was hit with the clock_watchdog_timeout error. I booted again and installed a little before getting the error again a few minutes after power on. I did a memory check on RAM -no issues. I updated BIOS. I checked proper connections of hardware. Attempting Windows updates or large installs results in a crash as well. I decided to check old faithful WD HDD and sure enough it is running just fine leading me to believe my SSD is the issue. I just can't think of why this would be the case. Any ideas? I think I may clone the SSD from my HDD and see if that will fix it? Specs: MSI B450 Tomahawk Max (new) Ryzen 5 3600 (new) Corsair Vengeance 3200MHz CL16 (new) AMD R9 380 (being replaced immediately) EVGA 600W Bronze
  2. jphish

    Case Fans

    I've very recently assembled a new rig and was wondering to see everyone's preference of a case fan configuration. I've been eying Corsiar's AF140 LEDs for front intake,but am open to other fan suggestions. My question is, would it be recommended to replace my cases top and rear 120 exhausts with a 140mm and 120mm respectively or would 2 120mms be ok? My case is a NZXT s340 if that warrants any additional recommendations. Thanks.