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  1. I plan on getting HyperX 2x8gb 2133Mhz so it is identical except for the capacity.
  2. I currently have 2 HyperX DDR4 2133mhz 4gb sticks of ram in my setup and want to upgrade my ram. Is it possible to have two 8gb sticks of ram of the same maker and mhz paired with my two 4gb sticks of ram or will this make problems for me. Thanks for your replys.
  3. So i probably wont get any problems with operating systems?
  4. I'm trying to figure out if i will have any problems if i take apart my computer to clean different parts of dust etc. Thanks for the help
  5. Thats cant be the problem because it only happens in video games, perfectly fine on the desktop
  6. The logitech program allows me to change the DPI to whatever i want, but i use 560 DPI right now
  7. So i recently started experiencing that my mouse would not go smooth when i moved it. This happens in all my games but it only recently started occuring. I have a logitech G402, completely updated with the software and a steelseries mousepad. I have tried the mouse on different surfaces and no result. The mouse is completely normal on desktop use, but when i start a game it goes weird.
  8. It's "your" not "you're" You're = You are
  9. I have done some tests and found out that my psu is working. When i try to connect it to the motherboard with only 4gb ram and the CPU + CPU fan connected, it wont boot.
  10. Thank you very much on this tip. I'm very new to this forum so i am terribly sorry for posting on the wrong page. I will check if the PSU and the power button is working and if not, i will completely reassemble my computer.
  11. I have looked at the connectors for the power button and they're all connected. I'm going to completely reassemble my computer and i will update this thread if i succeed or not.
  12. So, i have this tower (around 2-3 years old) and recently it stopped working. I press the power button but nothing happens. I have checked to see if everything is connected properly and attempted to troubleshoot it multiple times. I really wish i could get my PC working again so if any of you have some tips or tricks for me, that would be fantastic.