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  1. Love these short throw projectors and the concept behind them future technology is looking sick
  2. It's called a *stress test* maybe you've heard of one?
  3. That's 53*c at 3 hours on aida64 dude not idle
  4. So my monitor when plugged in to any port on my 980ti causes for some strange reason the cpu light to stay on on my asus mobo and not boot. But the second I turn it off and unplug it the computer boots when I turn it back on and then plug in the monitor when the computers booting.... Never did this Shit before the bios update but idk it started happening when I accidentally unplugged the main power cable when the system was shutting down and since then 9 Times out of 10 this happens when I turn on my computer even from sleep. Any ideas? Already cleared the cmos several times, set the gpu as main display blah blah blah tried everything... Z97 ar asus mobo I7 4790k
  5. Some people say that its a huge problem and it'll break stuff and your temps will be way higher blah blah blah
  6. No no question just letting people know that there's really no difference and no issues if you happen to reverse something when you install it
  7. So I accidentally did the loop with the flow backwards so it goes Pump out Gpu Cpu Rad1 Rad2 Pump in And i have my cpu block on the right way so it's inputting through the output and there used to be a bubble I couldn't get rid of when I had the system Flow the correct way and now there is no bubble at all Temps are perfect 51 to 53*c at 4.7ghz on my 4790k after 3 hours stress testing cpu fpu system memory and cache (top 4 boxes in AIDA64 stress test) All cooling parts are so except for primochill rigid acrylic and fittings bitspower Ek supremacy evo plexi block 980ti evga hybrid with a ek titan x nickel block and backplate Ek d5 xres140 Pump res combo Ek rad 240mm Swiftech 240mm rad(top) Asus z97 AR 4790k 4.7ghz (able to hit 4.9) Ax860I psu 2x ocz trion ssd 240gb in raid 0 1tb wd blue hdd 2tb Toshiba hdd Sleeved cables 4x thermaltake riing 120mm rad fans
  8. Yeah I also originally had a 500$ budget so my computer has changed substantially over the last 6 months
  9. I had the hybrid and had a cooler master gkacer for the cpu but I had always wanted a custom loop so I was going to just add a block to the cooler master loop when the barb on the radiator broke and I had to get a new one and then when I got the new one found out it wasn't the right model and I didn't have a fill port now. So I got a crazy deal on the ek pump res and cpu block and made it happens . I had the hybrid for like 4 months and it was overclocked to 1521mhz and 7802 memory and ran good but didn't look good with 2 separate loops in my case
  10. Intel 4790k 4.8ghz Evga gtx980 ti hybrid Evga ddr3 sc 2400mhz 16gb ran 2x ocz trion 100 240gb dad 1tb wd blue 2tb Toshiba sata III Asus z97 ar mobo Ek titan fc gpu block and nickel backplate Ek supremacy evo cpu block Swiftech 220x rad Ek res/pump Corsair graphite760t Corsair cxm750 psu Thermaltake riing rad fans rgb
  11. Yeah that's the cable with the sensor for the led remote I haven't placed it yet but I got the psu for like 50 refurbed from corsair and the cpu idles at 30 31 and the gpu idles at 28 Gpu never goes above 48 when playing GTA in 1440 on the highest settings gpu sits around 58 to 61 when I'm playing GTA Firestrike the cpu got up to 68 during the physics test Oh and I forgot I'm running a Intel i7 4790k oc at 4.8ghz
  12. Had a pc I built a few months ago with a 980 ti hybrid by evga and wanted to go full custom water cooling loop so I finished the loop yesterday after going through 2 different gpu blocks the 1st ones standoffs broke as I was tightening screws 1 around the gpu and 1 on the side of pc so I returned it and got a different one. I think it looks pretty spectacular it's also my first custom loop I've ever done so let me know what you think... Equipment list: Corsair graphite 760t (plasti dipped right half of door to hide drive bay area) 2x OCZ TRION 100 240gb SSD Wd blue 1tb drive Toshiba sata III 2tb drive Corsair cxm 750 psu (corsair sleeved cables) Asus z97 AR mobo Firewire 400 pc i card Tp link pci-e Wi-Fi card EVGA GTX 980 Ti Hybrid Cooling: Ek supremacy evo cpu block Ek titan x fc gpu block Ek titan nickel backplate Ek xres resovoir/ pump (forgot model) Swiftech mcr 220 qp Radiator Ek compression fittings Swiftech angled rotary fittings Ek coolant Thermaltake riing radiator fans 3pk rgb. I have 3 logisys rgb strips installed on the case as well