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  1. my, bad wrong comparison i forgot about bulldozer and i'm aware that this is only napkin maths, not anything definitive. the point i was (poorly) making was that a 40% increase in ipc wont necessarily make the new architecture higher performance than intels chips
  2. i wouldn't get your hopes up for a $99 new motherboard with dual GPU support
  3. i'm not a huge expert on cpu's and i know that benchmaks don't necessarily reflect real world performance but i quick google search shows the current single threaded performance of the i5-6600k and fx-8350 http://www.cpu-world.com/Compare/441/AMD_FX-Series_FX-8350_vs_Intel_Core_i5_i5-6600K.html . this shows that even with a 40%+ increase the new zen cpu's will have, at best, similar performance to the current skylake cpu's. for amd to shift units they will need a vary competitive price as they wont have the performance to make people upgrade from their current systems. again, i know these are only benchmarks
  4. hi llt community. if anyone has the equipment and time to do this please do: could someone benchmark a fx-8350 and i5-6600k with only one core enabled and underclock both processors to 3.5GHz. this would allow us to see relative ipc (instructions per clock) and see if a 40% increase in performance will make the new zen architecture cpu's performance competitive with the skylake cpu's. please do a variety of benchmarks for variety!edit: a further breakdown of single threaded performance http://www.cpu-world.com/Compare/441/AMD_FX-Series_FX-8350_vs_Intel_Core_i5_i5-6600K.html#bench
  5. kennyS, JW has been really shaky lately and he is awping less and less
  6. arkam knight crashing on pc? rly? but seriously arkam knight is super buggy on pc, their was a big controversy when it came out on pc due to its poor optimisation and buggy nature especially on amd. all i can recommend is downloading drivers or refunding it on steam.
  7. thanks for this pictures, it should give be a better idea for the amount of oil needed
  8. I plan to use the pump to remove the oil before moving the pc (the large holes on the lid are to remove the radiators outlet tube so the tube can be removed, aimed at a bucket and the oil will be pumped into the bucket). what motherboard size where you using, i'm trying to gauge how much oil i'll need. i got 10l from rough volume calculations but i haven't factored in the actual pc components volume.
  9. you can tell i'm new to this, i've earned that newbie status!
  10. thanks for the encouragement, do you mind if I ask what type of acrylic you used (cast/extruded/don't know), i'm using 10mm acrylic as puget systems used 3/8 inch acrylic, also I'm taking this to uni so any strength bonus will be useful as it will be moved by care every few months. Don't worry plenty of pictures to follow, it may take a few weeks for them to come. i was surprised to find out how much the oil costs, its about £50 for 10l in the UK
  11. your golden mate, more than enough cooling