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    sof006 reacted to Schnoz in New Nintendo Switch has a die-shrunk Tegra X1   
    Well it was released today, and now we can see exactly what the insides are like. It's not like you could do that in July.
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    sof006 reacted to James in Ads in the sky in stead of stars...   
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    sof006 reacted to Arika S in UserBenchmark Adjusts Algorthym to Favor Single-Thread Performance, Causing Strange Results   
    Userbench should not be used for any serious comparison, it's good to get a general idea, but you should ALWAYS go and find full reviews on both products and compare them yourself
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    sof006 got a reaction from That Franc in 5G Waveforms are Potentially Power Vampires   
    Honestly I'm very happy with 4G. I hope that when 5G gets switched on it increases the available bandwidth for 4G as a result so I get more reliable speeds. My 100GBs of 4G data is perfect and I wouldn't trade that for a 5G contract anytime soon/in the future.
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    sof006 reacted to GrockleTD in AdoredTV will no longer do analysis videos for free.   
    Then why did you read this thread...?
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    sof006 reacted to BuckGup in Elon Musk's Neuralink Has Applied to the FDA for Human Trials   
    VSauce on Mind Field highlighted and interviewed a patient that already has an interface implanted into his brain which he uses to control prosthetics. This was a couple years ago too so I don’t think it will take a decade to get approved if there has already been similar devices already in use.
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    sof006 reacted to RyomaSJibenG in He is the One - G.SKILL Announces Trident Z Neo RAM sticks for Ryzen 3rd Gen   
    can i have a non-RGB ram please? with decent performance
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    sof006 reacted to Twilight in HTTPS bad, Filtering good - UK ISPs name Mozilla as "Internet Villain"   
    lmao what a joke!
    wE cAn'T cEnSoR sO mOzIlLa BaD
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    sof006 reacted to yolosnail in Jony Ive Leaving Apple (but not really)   
    It has just been announced that Jony Ive is to leave Apple and start his own design business
    While at first glance this seems like big news, it's likely that nothing much, if anything is going to change as he's basically going to go from working for Apple, to working with Apple
    What this could mean, is that Apple might actually start designing their products, in particular their laptops, with functionality in mind rather than making piece of art (which is totally subjective) then shoehorning a computer inside
    Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/06/27/apples-chief-design-officer-jony-ive-is-leaving-the-company.html
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    sof006 got a reaction from TechyBen in Speed waits for no-one; PCIe 6 announced   
    Jesus, I'm still on PCIE 3
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    sof006 reacted to Anomnomnomaly in Surprise! EA rebrands Loot Boxes as "Surprise Mechanics"   
    The only way to deal with companies like this is too simply stop buying their products. If you buy anything from EA.. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM... EA are just trying to get away with what YOU ALLOW THEM TOO.
    You: Take my money
    EA: We've decided we want more
    You: OK, take more money
    EA: That game you bought, we've removed features and content... do you want it for £xx
    You Take even more of my money
    EA: Hey, sucker... want a random chance to get something cool
    You: Will it help me win the game?
    EA: LOL... NOPE
    You: Take my money
    Now it's proven that they use psychological methods to deceive people, social media use the exact same deceptions and manipulations... So it's the easily influenced and gullible that tend to fall for it... Worse still is that those easily susceptible to addiction are even more likely to fall for these things.
    So if people are too gullible to realise that they're being scammed and manipulated by these companies, or they've simply become addicted to them... We need proper legislation to regulate it, Belgium has take the right move and I hope more countries follow suit. 'Loot boxes' by any name are a nasty, nasty thing and are designed purely to trick those who are most in need of protection from them.
    Also... FUCK EA in general... If you buy anything from them you should stop immediately. I've boycotted them for more than a decade now... I will never give them a penny of my money ever again.
  12. Agree
    sof006 reacted to Celli in Surprise! EA rebrands Loot Boxes as "Surprise Mechanics"   
    I want this bill to pass so EA suffers. They've killed so many studios, pushed so many horrible practices. This would hit them where it hurts. Their FIFA Ultimate Team. 
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    sof006 reacted to Uptivuptiz in Surprise! EA rebrands Loot Boxes as "Surprise Mechanics"   
    EA just being EA. Nothing has changed.
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    sof006 reacted to pptx in Huawei chooses a new Russian/ Finnish OS? - Aurora OS   
    Cough cough Edward Snowden cough 
    Everyone is capable of spying, for some it's just not as highlighted (US gov) 
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    sof006 got a reaction from SlimyPython in Toto, I don't think we're in China anymore - US companies adopting social credit score system   
    Good luck, I don't have social media.
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    sof006 got a reaction from SlimyPython in Toto, I don't think we're in China anymore - US companies adopting social credit score system   
    Good luck, I don't have social media.
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    sof006 got a reaction from SlimyPython in Toto, I don't think we're in China anymore - US companies adopting social credit score system   
    Good luck, I don't have social media.
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    sof006 got a reaction from SlimyPython in Toto, I don't think we're in China anymore - US companies adopting social credit score system   
    Good luck, I don't have social media.
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    sof006 reacted to Brooksie359 in Toto, I don't think we're in China anymore - US companies adopting social credit score system   
    Honestly I trust people who dont have social media more. Maybe if you dont have any it gives you bonus points because nothing good comes from social media tbh. 
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    sof006 got a reaction from Taf the Ghost in Google Stadia, Live Stream Wrap-Up   
    The only benefit I can see here is that you don't need to download to play. Just "stream" it. But thats literally the only benefit, and not one i'd see the point as i'd rather download the game and have it physically there to play at all times.
  21. Funny
    sof006 got a reaction from Results45 in Someone's getting fired. (In some parts of the world 95% of websites are absolutely down)   
    Who tripped over the power cord again 👀
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    sof006 reacted to DogeOfTech in Huawei Files Suit In its Fight Against US Ban   
    Source 1
    Source 2
    Huawei is fighting back against the US ban, calling it, "Trial by legislature". They filed their suit against the Ban today, calling for the US judicial system to throw out some parts of the ban due to them being illegal per the US constitution, since there's no evidence and it gives Huawei no chance to fight back against the ban. They also held a press conference on the 29th (today) stating their position and how they feel it could impact the tech community as a whole.
    What do I think? Huawei is right. Even ignoring the fact that they may have ties to the Chinese government, there's no support, no evidence, "...no gun, no smoke...". It will set a dangerous precedent going forward and has the real danger of becoming a situation where China bans US companies from doing business with Chinese companies, which would hurt the US way more than it hurts China. Speaking in terms of telecom, Huawei is trying to be a leader in 5G infrastructure and the fact that they can't do that without being able to buy US items, hurts the entire world. Until the US/ANY government agency provides evidence, they shouldn't be cut off from consumers being able to purchase their devices.
  23. Agree
    sof006 reacted to Arika S in Sony taken to court over PlayStation Store Refund Policy by ACCC   
    the ACCC does not screw around when it comes to consumer protection, i don't see Sony coming out on top.
  24. Agree
    sof006 reacted to LukaH in Nvidia trying to trademark..... numbers?   
    Nvidia tries to block AMD from naming their RX GPUs similar to the RTX lineup by (trying) trademarking the numbers 3080, 4080 and 5080.
    I hope they fail because this is just ridiculous. But i hope AMD fires back and trademarks every other number just for the lolz.
  25. Agree
    sof006 reacted to XR6 in EE to launch UK's first 5G service in May   
    I don't think they are. After pressure from the US the UK are in the process of banning/blacklisting Huawei.
    Personally, I don't particularly mind if Huawei were involved. The US don't have proof that Huawei were spying, and even if Huawei were spying it wouldn't make a difference.
    I and everybody else already get spied on by multiple different governments, I personally couldn't care less if another organization decided to watch what I was doing..