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  1. http://archive.is/yEIJT Here's a copy
  2. The OP of the article said he's not the one who sent the emails! This means there were multiple acesses to their platform!
  3. https://www.androidpolice.com/2020/02/21/slickwraps-has-been-hacked-customer-data-is-compromised/
  4. Looking at the pentest report, the whole thing is absolutely insane! https://files.catbox.moe/fxn9r2.pdf
  5. So, I just received this email with my valid (altough old) home address. This is the link with the whole story. https://medium.com/@lynx0x00/i-hacked-slickwraps-this-is-how-8b0806358fbb (link was taken down, here's a copy http://archive.is/yEIJT ) It actually seems pretty bad.
  6. If you just want to mask your external IP, look into using a DDNS service.
  7. I just noticed, if you look at the associated devices for the 2.4 there's a device with ip 102 and for the 5 ghz network there's a different device associates with the ip 102. So it is indeed creating a different network for the different interfaces.
  8. Same thing here. I also can't figure out where to enable wake on lan packets. I might just add another router to my network and use this one just as a modem.
  9. Here's the link to the screenshots. There are A LOT of options for a home router. https://imgur.com/a/C7LejRa I've skipped some unnecessary things, such as USB and 3G services, but if you still want to see them, please let me know. Attached is the PDF file I've saved from the help section. It might be of use. F670L.pdf
  10. I'm honestly ashamed I haven't tried the classical IT motto "have you tried turning it off and on again?". Hahahhaha
  11. I didn't explained properly. I already had the issue when I've changed these settings. Originally they weren't set to any Vlan, but wtill wouldn't talk to each other. To try to fix it, I've set for all interfaces the Vlan 1, but still had no luck.
  12. The wired port 1 on the router I can post all the screenshots from the settings in a few hours. Unfortunately I'm not at home right now. At the security settings I recall to have experimented with something about vlans for each interface, I've attempted do set VLAN 1 to all interfaces (lan 1-4 and wlan ssid1-2), but had no positive result. I admit I know the theory, but have never used these settings before.
  13. Hi! I've recently moved cities, and to my despair my new local internet providers uses a GPON Router device (a router that directly receives the fiber optic cable and works as a modem too). I've always ahted these things, as it severely limits the flexibility of the network structure. The model of this one in particular is the ZTE F670L (rebranded by Multilaser, a Brazillian tech company). One of the few mentions I can find about this model online is this brochure http://ztegpon.cz/pdf/ZXHN F670L datasheet.pdf Now to the mais issue, of all of my connected devices, only the ones that are on the same wifi can comunicate with each other. Devices connected on the lan, can not ping each other, and can not ping wireless devices. Wireless devices can ping each other, but can not ping wired devices. Everyone can ping the router, and everyone has access to the internet. Attached to this post is a masterpiece of Microsoft Paint art showing how are things conected. Lan1 only comunicates with Lan1 and Wan Lan2 only comunicates with Lan2 and Wan Lan3 only comunicates with Lan3 and Wan Lan4 only comunicates with Lan4 and Wan Wlan only comunicates with Wlan and Wan I've already checked the settings on the router, and Wlan isolation is disabled for both 2,4 and 5ghz networks, and even then, it shouldn't be affecting wired lan comunication. Any ideas as to why this is happening? Cheers!
  14. You got it new or used? Do as Mick said, and try it in anoter slot on your mobo. You should also try ti clean the slot itself.
  15. That obviously depends on the OS you're running. 8Gb on linux is pretty much enough for any web browsing. Not so much on Windows.
  16. It sounds like a RAM issue. Try to clean the contacts and the slot CAREFULLY. Also, are you monitoring your temps?
  17. Saerch for black frame insertion. See if it's the cause of your problems.
  18. As a Brazillian I'm absolutely astonished this is legally a pistol
  19. Honestly, it's worth it once you've gotten bored of regular flat screen gaming. I was losing interest on games altogether before I've decided to go for it and get a HTC Vive. It's a whole new experience. I couldn't remember when was the last time I´ve reacted with a sincere "holy shit" to a game before. Also, make sure you are aware of the hardware requirementes for properly running games on it.
  20. Had the same issue a couple of weeks ago. New PSU, and all else worked fine.