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  1. So turns out that my motherboard was dead. Bought it for $30 not knowing if it was in working condition or not.
  2. i've reseated cpu and have it with one ram stick, still not posting.
  3. I know. I have been trying to figure out what the issue is yesterday and havn't bothered to plug in for getting the pic.
  4. *Pictures are how the system is currently at. I took it to a friend to see if he could help me out, we took out the gpu and tried to boot it several times and help diagnose, but no luck. I know that the 8 pin is unplugged and that the dvi on the motherboard disables when the gpu is plugged in. But with the Gpu and dvi in gpu or without gpou and dvi in motherboard. System still doesnt post.
  5. I just put together my build the other day and when I went to try to turn it on. It did not post. I have an Asus z270e gaming motherboard with a i7-7700k cpu, corsair vengeance 16 gb, corsair h100i v2 cooler, corsair cx750 power supply, samsung 850 evo boot drive, asus 1070ti. When i turn on the power supply switch the motherboard rgb leds light up near the io, the motherboard red/orange led is on the right side of the motherboard and the red gpu led near the 8 pin connector is on. when i power on the system to boot, all the fans spin, the heat sync lights up, the ram lights up, the gpu lights up. I took out the gpu and have dvi connected to motherboard, thinking maybe my gpu is bad but it still doesnt post. The 4 leds near the 24 pin connector dont light up to indicate what the problem may be in the boot process. Please help me.
  6. I just wanted some help on some stuff i am working on. I have a Gigabyte z270x gaming 5 mother board with a i7 7700k. I am streaming content using OBS to stream to youtube and wanted to know if i need another pc or if i can just add a graphics card so that i can simultaneously stream and work on other content on Adobe Premiere Pro. Please let me know. Thanks
  7. Hey i currently have the Asus K501ux-wh74 (laptop), and am using a cheap bluetooth mouse off ebay and an old gateway mouse pad i found in my house. For headphones i am using my sony gold wireless headset. Would love to get my hands on a new mouse or even the whole gaming suit bundle because i have been saving up to build a custom rig. Would love to use that money that i would need to use for peripherals on an LG 21:9 screen.
  8. Coincidentally, for the past day or two I have been planning on building my father a new rig because his is out of date by a few years now. Was thinking of having an AMD fx-6300 cpu and a AMD Radeon 370 but if I win one of these cards I can use the money on getting him a beefier cpu like a FX 8350 or 8370. Please pick me!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hey LMG, love the idea of having a projector. Would not mind having it. It's crazy how little distance you need to have such a big projection. Anyways please pick me to be one of the winners!
  10. This really needs to be featured in this weeks WAN show... LLT please read about this and tell us what you think about it. In my opinion it is awesome.
  11. I want this Mouse!!!! More giveaways!!!