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  1. it is beautiful
  2. Your fine do that for 5 years and you will have problems
  3. 4 hours
  4. Same lol
  5. One off complicated parts means a lot of shops will not care to even give you a quote. The ones that will are going to have high rates. As was said it isn't just put it in a machine and it's done as was pointed out before. There are costs to make the code to run on there machines cost for fixturing, person to run the part, materials (not really going to lower your cost if you provide it ), tooling that may be needed to make the part. In short unless they are a shop hurting for work they could care less about doing a one off part that is nothing but legal problems for them
  6. I have not gone quiet that far yet but I have made most my own tools for some builds. Barrel vise and inserts for it, receiver wrench, barrel nut wrench, made a few parts for some things
  7. That's the general idea. Less work that way but less personalized.
  8. Yet the last 2 watches I have used can't keep time over a week and 2 of the last 3 have given me a rash because of the metal they were made out of.
  9. If you like sound tracks buy it with it.
  10. There are a lot of them but most don't have the teensy bootloader so they are basically cheaper arduino pro micros
  11. Buy a real one don't try and save a dollar or two.
  12. He uses a snap on which is rather pricey as I recall
  13. filler... filler everywhere!
  14. they end up with a stronger relationship and more of a connection in the end as I recall but its kind of aToradora! kind of ending as I recall slow development and little pay off but i bet @CatCloud would not be lost watching it
  15. If that makes your respect go down its a good thing I don't tend to say what anime I liked lol I'm fairly confident that my taste in anime is complete shit. You can tell because i liked bleach and naruto. I tend to like their style lol