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  1. Thank you for your reply! I will take a look on those.
  2. ahaha You're right... Would you recommend me a better free way to benchmark my computer?
  3. Suddenly, that website stopped reporting that problem. I went to the BIOS and explored it a little bit but I didn't change any configuration that may be related to the DDR, so.. I don't know what happened.
  4. Yes, I am. I also double checked and I must use slots 2 and 4 first, which I am doing. The motherboard has a little scheme close to the 4 ram slots. It looks like this and it tells me to use slots 2 and 4 first Thank you for your reply!
  5. Hello LinusTechTips community, today I bought a new machine and I went right up to the benchmarks. I bought a 3800X with a 5700XT on a MSI B450 Mortar Max motherboard and with it 16GB of DDR4 ram at 3200MHz. So my question is: I've activated XMP in the BIOS, and my taskmanager is reporting that my memory is running at 3200MHz but I got the following alert at userbenchmark.com. What is wrong with my configuration? Thank you in advance, Best regards, José Reis.
  6. I'm currently using a membrane keyboard, the Krom kombot (keyboard + mouse) because I had no budget to this equipment and it serve me well. The problem is that I cannot press all the keys at the same time, and this plastic material is very weak... The touch of some multimedia keys is different from others... It's just a simple keyboard. I want a new one so I can be a better gamer, with good equipment so I can have a good experience.
  7. I would like to have the Kova White since I am still using an old PS2 mouse from Peacock, and this mouse would match my system visual, since the board is white (Sabertooth Z97)! This system is very new and was created by me with things I learnt on +40 youtube videos I saw from Linus.