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  2. Man Lian Li-'s O series cases are beautiful. Whole room looks really sweet!
  3. I think it's the first really well executed short throw projector. The size is phenomenal, other short throw projectors with image quality this good are at least five times the size. I really like the bluetooth audio capability, that's a little thing you wouldn't think of that makes it a lot more useful and a lot more portable for a full system you can actually enjoy. I love that they went with an LED light source, incandescent lamps are too hot and they're always burning out.
  4. wow look at that essay you wrote me, coulda just said you disagree
  5. Wow HP sponsorship, congrats. Really fantastic video guys. Their testing shows us what drives will survive better in any circumstances, it's good data.
  6. If you're doing a white build the more white you have the better. Even if your gpu or motherboard have black power connectors it looks nicer to have white conductors running into white connectors at the end of the cable. You just deal with black board connectors because they're much more difficult to change. With white going into white it looks more like a complete white cable rather than a bundle of conductors running into darkness. See how these look: compared to this:
  7. @CableMod It would be great to have the option of a 4-pin EPS cable so that on motherboards with both 8 and 4 pin connectors the extra 4 aren't dangling. Motherboards like the Z170X SOC Force, Z170 OC Formula, Z170A XPOWER, Maximus VIII Extreme, Crosshair V Formula-Z, and plenty of X99 and Z97 motherboards have a supplemental 4 pin CPU power connector. I have a full list of Z97, Z170, and X99 below.
  8. Oops, I was thinking of a cooler master V550. If it's a corsair VS series then yeah, definitely replace it with something less prone to explosion.
  9. How are your CPU and GPU temperatures?
  10. It shouldn't be failing, you have a seasonic unit. First make sure all of your power connectors are plugged in right at both ends.
  11. Why would you put a Z97 board with a xeon?
  12. The core 1000 has really poor fan options and a top mounted PSU, plus the HDD bracket thing is awful. I recommend the Core 1500 over it for a much more livable case.
  13. A good overclocking motherboard is going to cost you $200, for that you can get a much better motherboard and CPU than your q6600.
  14. I don't remember telling OP to get 120mm fans, I explained what the guy who did recommend them was trying to say. OP, replace every instance of "F12" in my previous reply with "A14" and take this as a recommendation
  15. EK throws a lot of money at aesthetics and advertising, the rest of the brands listed hardly advertise at all. For a lot of people, EK is the only brand they know or pay attention to, so they think it's the best quality without considering any other brand.
  16. Noctua NF-F12, I don't know what he said 14 for. Corsair SP fans are awful on radiators because they have a round frame and all the air blows out the sides. NF-F12s are the best static pressure fans you can get, especially for radiators. Regular NF-F12s will give you good performance and run quiet iPPC NF-F12s will give you quiet performance at low speeds, with the option to turn them up for more cooling.
  17. https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-fc-r9-390x-tf5-acetal-nickel it says 390x but it'll work fine
  18. This poll is what happens when a brand focuses almost entirely on how their products look