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  1. I can't access to Netflix nor Amazon prime video while using PIA. Don't know if I'm missing some secret to do it, though.
  2. I face palmed so hard I almost got a contusion.
  3. Because at one point the engine is being fueled literally with gas vapors. Given that, the cumbustion is not being done as expected. It's like when you and a friend tie one leg and walk together. You'll start walking at a different pace. Something like that is happening.
  4. I don't know if I'm old but I've disliked every new group I've heard in a while. For reference, one of my favorite groups used to be Decapitated.
  5. Each time I try to install Ubuntu, I get an error because of the bootloader. I hate programming in windows.
  6. I love my shure SRH840 but I'm no expert. https://www.shure.com/americas/products/headphones/srh840-professional-monitoring-headphones
  7. In Mexico city I can get 300/300 but 60/60 is enough for my porn needs.
  8. I read somewhere that Kaspersky will let the US government to take a look at their source code.
  9. Unfortunately in my country it's at 650 usd. It looks nice though.
  10. Hi all. I'm new to pc gaming and I'm looking for a good Steering wheel. I was thinking about spending 300 usd approximately. My fist choice was the Logitech g920 but I saw this guy's video and made me doubt. He says something about the technology it uses being outdated so games might not work well with it. Thanks in advance.
  11. The Hm is top notch but the RMi is more than enough. There's a difference in quality between the RM and the RMi being the RMi superior (according to Johnny guru). All of this psu have 10 years warranty so you know they're a safe bet.
  12. Those aren't strange numbers. They are powers of 2. 2^9=512
  13. Yes, it does. The better the cooler, the most heat it will dissipate so the room will get warmer.
  14. I remember them saying that float plane club is a way to give something back to those who contributed to the forum. You know, for those who used to give money to the forum and only received a badge in return. If you think of it as a paid service, Ive only seen them advertise the service on the Wan show, in which they clearly say there are many things which need to be ironed and that it's a work in progress.
  15. Number of persons affected by this bug: 0 Probably treats why Microsoft hasn't rushed to fix the problem.
  16. I'm 24 and don't like anime but Fullmetal Alchemist is really good.
  17. I'm still missing the gpu and need an unlocked processor. Gonna wait for Vega and buy an unlocked i7
  18. They say Americans tip everyone for everything. I live in Mexico and I've never had any problem with Amazon's delivery service. One thing to notice is that I live in a flat and the police guard recibes the packages.
  19. I try to understand the topic. Else, I memorize key words by imagining a story. For example, if I have to remember the words "bus" "constitution" and "lettuce", I imagine a cartoonish bus writing a constitution while eating a salad.
  20. In my experience it's better to have a lot of ram and it's preferable to have fewer faster cores than many slow cores. I think there are gpus ment for machine learning but they are very expensive. Also I think it's overkill to use an M.2 drive as datasets are usually stored in ram while processing them. Bare in mind that I'm just an actuary who's hobby is learning about machine learning.