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  1. I know I know I know I’m getting to that trust me I don’t feel good about them
  2. The first thing I want to try is balancing it but I have almost no knowledge about pumps but if I do buy a new impeller, where would I go about buying an impeller? Is the D5 universal or is mine specific to primochill? Also have there been any updates to the D5 pump in the last 5 years?
  3. Hi everyone. I’ve had a primochill D5 pump for 4.5 years & about a month ago it started making some noises, but maybe for a few seconds at a time & were very subtle so I didn’t do anything about it. Today the pump stopped working completely, it just shut off while I was editing a video & so I took my loop apart & realized it’s slightly out of alignment & a piece of the pump has been rubbing against the side of the pump for a while. I can pop it back into place but when I let go the magnets hold it in it’s wrong position. In the pictures below you can see the white dot is not centered & how it sticks to the wall when I’m not holding it. Anyone have any advice on how to fix it or suggestions? I’m really not interested in buying a new pump especially because I’ve been waiting very patiently for Icelake to build a new PC but I need my current PC in the mean time.