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    Intel Core i7 3930k OC to 4.2Ghz
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    Asus P9X79
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    16GB Corsair XMS3
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    Asus Strix 970
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    Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX
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    Sandisk SSD 128GB (boot) and 2x Seagate Barracuda 2TB
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    Dell Ultrasharp UH2715h 27" 1440p
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    Coolermaster Sedion 240v
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    Logitech Amadeus G302
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    Harmon Kardon Soundsticks II
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. So I’ve got a CarPlay compatible radio in the car, but to use it I need to connect the phone to it via a cable. This is currently routed out the back of the radio and into the glove compartment, which is a bit inconvenient (especially with passengers) - ideally I’d want a dock somewhere on the drivers side or centre console where I can easily pop it in when I get in. Anybody use CarPlay/Android auto and got any ideas? thanks! *I absolutely will not have the phone stuck to the windscreen.
  2. Playing Devils advocate here... But most people hold their phones vertically (and mobile is clearly the market they’re going after here)... We read books, menus etc vertically... Most web content is better vertically... Some marketing team a long time ago decided “widescreen” was a thing and now we’re just used to it...
  3. My experience has been similar: iMac - bought for 999 in 2009, sold for 650 in 2012 iMac bought for 999 in 2012, sold for 550 in 2015 My current 2015 MacBook Pro, bought for 999 in 2015 is going for 500 - 750 currently on eBay, so by March next year I expect I should be able to get at least 500 for it. Like others have said, I buy Macs for the OS, but also because I know I can get at least 50% value when I want to upgrade in 3 years. Compare that to my experience with Surfaces: Surface RT - bought for 450, sold after 9 months for 200 Surface Pro 2 - bought for 975, sold for 450 after 12 months Surface Pro 3 - bought for 600, sold for 350 after 9 months. As you can see, the Surfaces lost value much quicker than the Macs.
  4. This is the realism of a hackintosh. I’ve tried, had some working, but couldn’t be bothered with the hassle - which is answering the OP.
  5. Linus has said YouTube compresses video quite a lot - I don’t know for sure but that could be why “HD” does always look it.
  6. This makes no sense. Trying to hack macOS onto unsupported hardware, constantly battling driver issues, having to disable parts of the OS security and not having access to the latest OS version is not worth it.
  7. How light productivity? Ive normally found most 2in1’s don’t have particularly good cameras, so you might be better off with a recent iPad as they have pretty good cameras and with a Bluetooth keyboard/Google Docs/MS office it might do what you need.
  8. I don’t think a hackintosh is worth it in general, throwing Ryzen in there would just make things much more complicated.
  9. I saw ha. I'm not convinced by Windows on ARM. They've just said we'll rework it to break compatibility, but we know that's a shit idea so we'll give you emulated compatibility. I just don't know who/what they are targeting.
  10. Eh? Windows RT was built specifically to run on ARM. It was literally 'Windows on ARM', designed and optimised to work with an ARM processor. The 'latter' you mention doesnt exist in the wild yet, so you can't say how well it will perform. Right now, it's nothing more than Windows RT with an x86 emulation layer.
  11. Was gonna say the same - the iPod shuffle (right up til the last model) used USB to 3.5 for charging and syncing with iTunes.
  12. But without the apps or good performance (and I'm not just saying that - I had a Surface RT and sold it cus it performed like a 1-legged dog).