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  1. The 200R us a great beginners case, and the mobo is inexpensive and fits all the criteria
  2. gaming, newer games but graphics doesn't matter as much
  3. I'm somewhat confident with my abilities to choose hardware, but when helping a friend I like to double check. http://pcpartpicker.com/list/FtRKcc That's the build I made. He has a bit more budget, but he doesn't really care much for graphics quality. I want to give him an easy upgrade path, so older mobos are kinda out of the question. What do you guys think?
  4. I don't think b-150 mobos support memory faster than 2133MHz. You can always run them at that slower speed, but it might be easier/cheaper to get the slower ram.
  5. *CIA laughing menacingly in the corner at their inability to hide this information*
  6. This definitely has been posted before, a few days ago at least
  7. I wouldn't dare OC anything in that case, I don't have the balls for that. Thanks for the info
  8. So, after the 1070 was announced I decided to wait and save up for a new, modern system. I also decided I wanted to go HTPC for some reason I don't even know myself. I just need to know, with the following build if I should add two fans to help with cooling. I don't want to skimp on cooling if it means a longer lifespan for my components, and I don't really care about noise levels. Since the Node 202 doesn't have a window I won't care about that, either. http://pcpartpicker.com/list/nLrQD8 If I'd benefit from extra fans, what ones would you guys recommend? And in what orientation? In case you're not familiar, the Node 202 has a spot for two 120 mm fans next to the gpu. It's a pretty tight set up.
  9. I've got a generic HP wireless mouse (terrible) a generic five year old dell keyboard (terrible) And some old bose speakers that really aren't that bad
  10. I have an old ass 5600 and I want an upgrade to Polaris because I can't play modern games anymore and it makes my potato sad