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  1. Deathadder ftw. Most comfortable mouse I've ever used.
  2. I have a 295x2 and I've have zero issues.
  3. OP has a couple of questions and a few posts in other threads. Basically copy/pasting the same text and looking for a hand out without doing prior research.
  4. Even noobs can research. I suggest doing some of your own and then coming back with what well thought out questions you'll have afterwards. That's where a forum really shines.
  5. Any used or refurbed parts are going to come with a short warranty. A lot are 30 days as well. 180 days is actually a pretty long warranty for a refurbed part, IMO. As for the OP, I bought a used 7950 awhile back and have had no problems. It's a gamble, no doubt, but it can be worth it.
  6. There is a ton of info out there on this subject. It took you longer to create this thread than it would have taken to Google it so I'm going to go ahead and assume this is a troll thread
  7. If you keep self-valued data on your RAID 0, then why wouldn't you back it up? Nothing has changed about this "these days". If you keep all of your data on a server and don't value anything on your RAID 0, then let it fly
  8. I think it's less about need and more about want. Just sayin'.
  9. ASRock. Boards have been great in my system and systems built for family and friends. I usually only have two requirements when I go to build a system - an Intel CPU and an ASRock mobo.
  10. Plenty of video tutorials and information out there on the interwebs for how to do this. Enjoy!
  11. This. Windows.old will contain the files of your old install.
  12. I CF 2 Sapphire 7950s and get great 1440p performance on ultra so you should be fine.