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  1. no no I don't want to stream anything or play over the network. There's a folder "interface" for custom files that alter the appearance of the game etc. It's just a regular folder. I don't need it to be in sync 24/7 or to stream anything, all I want is to make it so if I add a new file on my desktop (into that folder) it'll appear on my laptop in the same location too.
  2. It doesn't matter really, as long as the folders stay in sync most of the time I tried to create a home group but I'm not entirely sure how to apply it to that folder
  3. Hey guys! I'm not sure if it's the correct forum to ask, my apologies if it's not. Sooo I have a new laptop that I bought so I can play wow when I'm at work/traveling/etc and it's great but 1 thing really annoys me, I have to manage my addons on 2 computers separately which is really tedious and annoying. Is there a way to keep a folder on my pc In this case: C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns always (or whenever there's network) on 2 computers? Like so if I add a new addon on my PC, it'll appear on the laptop as well. Kinda like the "OneDrive" folder I have on both of them.
  4. Hey guys. I got a hp stream laptop and it's great for what I need it (mainly work when I have no access to my desktop) but there's 1 problem. It has 32GB eMMC storage that's soldered to the motherboard so I can't realistically upgrade it, and it's not quite enough. The laptop also has a SD card reader which gave me an idea. Would a SD card work as a HDD replacement? I would run windows and all the essential stuff on my laptop's storage, but I'd also want to run certain programs (like visual studio or GIMP for example) from the SD card. Are there any reasons why it wouldn't work? Is it even a good idea to try it? I'd probably go for a 128GB card.
  5. Could you help me please. I'm looking for a cheap keyboard that has chery MX switches. I don't care about LEDs, macros or any of that nonsense, I just want a good keyboard that isn't too expensive. What should I get?
  6. I really enjoyed his videos about cameras etc and I'd love to see more of that kind of stuff Do you guys know if he's got his own youtube channels? And do you know any other good channels about cameras and photography?? Thanks
  7. Heyy guys. So I just got my exam results and it turns out that they were decent enough for the university to offer me the MComp course. Is it worth doing? I mean I wouldn't be able to afford master's degree anyway. I am not exactly sure what is the MComp but it is like a Master's equivalent, right? I can do it for free (well, not exactly but you know what I mean ) but I don't want to waste another year on doing something that won't benefit me once I'm out of education...
  8. Don't eat yellow snow
  9. Well uhhh I just bought it because I got it recommended and I had a great deal for it in my local store. Well my goal is to get stable minimum of 144 fps in battlefield 1 on very high settings. I got a 970 now but I don't know if it'd be possible with it. I got some spare cash I earned so might as well go for a big upgrade ?
  10. Okay thank you very much for your replies!!
  11. Because I needed a cpu to run games. Duh
  12. Hi I saved money and I decided to get a 1080 this summer. I'm not sure if my processor is good enough for it though Would I need to get a new cpu as well or will it be OK?
  13. Oh I see. Turns out I can't stay permanently because I don't have enough work experience .
  14. Hi guys. I know this is probably not the perfect place to ask about it but oh well. I want to move to Canada after I graduate because I want to try a new experience and Canada seems like an amazing place to live. But I can't find any decent information about immigration laws and Visa policies. I mean, as far as I can tell I don't require a Visa to go to Canada. I don't know if that allows me to work and live there though. Is there like a Canadian government page that would explain this or anything? Or perhaps someone from the EU who moved to Canada could answer my questions?