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  1. All fallacies are the worst kind, because they're illogical. My most despised are appeal to emotion, or strawman. But they all exist on social media and everyone who uses one bothers me.
  2. Ranma 1/2 is quite a bit older for some younger anime viewers, but it was a solid show and there were some good fansubs back in the day.
  3. I have an RX100 IV, and it mainly filled video and holiday/occasion shots so that I could play with them in Lightroom. But then I got my P30 Pro. I find the P30 Pro camera setup fills the spot a lot easier than the RX100 and it becomes harder to bring it out. I've been considering moving to something where I can start utilizing actual lenses since the RX100's lens range is underwhelming, and something like this seems like it might be acceptable without going for a full kit. Just a matter if I ever have the time and nerve to go for it.
  4. Probably is more regional. I don't know very many people that don't utilize ketchup in some manner. I can eat it, but I don't like it or prefer it over not having it on there. But that brings me to another unpopular opinion I hold: Outside of bacon, mayo, or cheese, condiments shouldn't be added to food. They detract from the actual food, and if your food needs condiments, then they aren't good enough.
  5. "However, research undertaken by a team of Swedish scientists shows a link between milk consumption with increased mortality, bone fractures and osteoporosis." "It may be unfair to label milk as the sole culprit for bone weakening. Calcium loss from the bones has been linked to high intakes of all animal protein, not just milk. By the age of 80, vegetarians tend to have lost less bone mineral compared to omnivores. Research suggests that the more animal protein you eat, the higher your risk of hip fracture becomes. Cross-cultural studies show strong links between a high animal protein diet, bone degeneration, osteoporosis and the occurrence of hip fractures. In rural communities in China where most of the protein in the diet came from plant foods rather than animal foods, the fracture rate was one-fifth of that in the US. All baby mammals start off drinking milk. A mother’s milk contains all the vitamins, nutrients and antibodies to give a baby the best start in life. However, as baby mammals grow they become intolerant to the lactose in milk and once weaned they never drink it again. Humans are the only exception within the mammal population that is able to consume milk into adulthood (although even some of us have a normal and natural lactose intolerance). Also, each mammalian species has its own milk formula and cow’s milk is no exception. For example, cow’s milk contains on average three times the amount of protein than human milk, which is perfect for a baby bovine but arguably not so good for humans who require a different composition of nutrients." As for the topic: Mayo is better on fries than ketchup.
  6. There was nothing about the Volt video that suggested it was an ad, to me anyways. It was sponsored by DJI and that kind of dictated how or why certain shots were chosen. And Linus outlined his rationale for his purchase, as well as things he liked and disliked about it. It is basically a reference point for the upcoming Tesla video. As for videos that are produced outright as a sponsored video, I typically don't watch those. While they may be informative in a vague sense towards a product and their features, the crux of entertainment and knowledge in videos is from getting legitimate and spontaneous pros and cons via LTT staff, whether live or scripted.
  7. This. Produced TV programs have a very low intelligence bar by which to appeal to as many potential eyeballs as possible. Intelligent, passionate, and thoughtful discussion is far more likely in a blog, Youtube account/series, or podcast form. Even then, those mediums also have political and philosophical leanings that can affect discussion and topic selection. I'm not sure I've ever come across something like you're describing that is a one-size fits all in terms of scope and coverage. You'll be better off focusing some searches on topics or individuals you'd like to hear about, and perhaps there will be a podcast or channel that consistently appears or produces that type of content.
  8. 1. This is from third party sellers, for which Amazon doesn't have complete control over. 2. Amazon was actually documented as having removed egregious gougers from being able to sell on Amazon. 3. Suppliers raised prices as their stocks dwindled at the start of the pandemic, which trickled to sellers and then consumers, so while things got more expensive, not all of them are the result of gouging. It's wholly fallacious to attribute increased costs as gouging.
  9. What people always seem to forget is private labels are almost always utilizing a common supplier. Amazon does tremendous sales and some of that is easy to tabulate based on AmazonBasics as a brand, but that's not really the whole story, nor fair to just Amazon.
  10. There are companies that do this. I don't remember the name off the top of my head, but it's been brought up before on another forum I was on. They specifically test for failure and how certain parts accumulate damage under thermal stress (or going hot -> cold and back) for solder joints, capacitors, ICs, etc...
  11. Well back in the day, there were always good reviews for fans because there were 80mm, 92mm, 120mm as the main sizes in the industry, and case materials and designs were different, so paying attention to decibel levels and CFM were important. Nowadays, there's basically just 120 and 140 and while materials still matter, 120mm and 140mm fans are generally quieter and better at moving air for several reasons. Add in maglev and it's very different than fans in the past. Will new fans be quieter and possibly cooler than free case fans? Probably. Is it going to be appreciably noticeable? Doubtful unless you have a specific circumstance.
  12. Well in very general sense, thermal degradation will happen faster at higher temperatures than lower ones. Sure, the PC may operate almost identically, even if it's under the manufacturer's thermal guidelines, but all things being equal, the one under less thermal stress will be better off.
  13. This is similar to the thermal paste arguments. Ultimately, yes, the basic cheap stuff typically work just fine; that's why they are there in the first place. In average PCs, the delta is small enough that a lot of the time, the change in cost isn't completely justified for the ownership timeline. However, there are a lot of qualifiers to something like that. For instance, cheap fans (with bearings), and/or smaller fans, will objectively be louder and will wear out quicker, causing a cost in replacement. For any quality fans I've purchased, I've never needed to replace one but I have had to replace a lot of free case fans. People "make it complicated" for a variety of reasons. Just like everyone doesn't drive $500 beater cars cause they get you from A to B, people don't just use cheap PC gear either. Whether they are looking for certain aesthetics, or specific features or technology, that all contributes to the options. And I don't totally get your point to begin with. While cases are spread across a large price spectrum, fans are relatively cheap and don't impact much of anything when going for quality. Like, with your logic, I expect that you're using DSL since it gets you online just fine, you're using a 19" CRT TV because it shows the picture, and you're driving a 30 year old car because it still runs. Surely you're not complicating things by having anything recent or fancy when they don't do much differently.
  14. Yup, definitely irritating that future devices might be eliminated over this. Not really any other offerings that compare.