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  1. Yeah I liked the old x2, x4, x6 stuff from some older AMD CPUs I saw.
  2. Quad cores are boring now. I want a hex core APU with Zen2 +Navi and DDR5 or some other improved APU VRAM.
  3. It's okay, they don't offer support for new stuff either.
  4. Damn I didn't think we'd see core increases until Zen 2 (7nm stuff). I'm looking forward to hex core APUs. Something like the i5 8400, but with faster iGPU that will hopefully benefit from DDR5 system RAM in the future.
  5. I'm not trying to suggest people to buy bad products, but rather not to keep complaining that nVIDIA is stagnating launches because of AMD. AMD Isn't supposed to "bring nVIDIA prices down" They're there to make a profit selling chips. It's not their fault entirely for nVIDIA not giving you their best. If they need competition to give you their best I think it speaks volumes to their greed and lack of passion. Ofcourse AMD may be the same if in the same position and I wouldn't give AMD a free pass either in that case.
  6. Livestreamer Arrested For College Bomb 'Prank'

    Apparently the online entertainment profession is so saturated and competitive that people need to resort to extremes to make their way. Would you say my theory has any merit?
  7. Played Fortnite a few times. Only fun with a team. Don't enjoy building though so PUBG has better gameplay IMO. That said PUBG runs like a pile of horse crap on most systems.
  8. Github about to be Miscrosofted?

    Oooh shit.
  9. The problem is you (maybe not YOU specifically, but I suspect this to be the greater general issue) people shouting at AMD to make competition are giving them no incentive to chase after gamers because you don't buy their cards for gaming even when they do catch up enough for nVIDIA to respond. It's the consumer's fault just as much as it is AMD's fault.
  10. True. I'll take my wins wherever I can though.