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  1. So wonderful they're able to harness geothermal energy... aaand they wasted it on imaginary coins.
  2. I agree. He should be demonetized for it, not be banned.
  3. I honestly don't care about data collection. It's safe to assume they know everything about me already.
  4. I'm still using the cheap wooden computer desk I got for my birthday when I was a little kid ~12 or more years ago. Are you going to give me the funds I would need to replace a furniture piece that still works?
  5. Sounds great. I wonder if there enthusiasts out there who would be willing to create their own laptops. That sounds like a fun project, even if they ended up being up to a few inches thick.
  6. Aside from your CPU platform in general an SSD is one of the easiest ways to breath life into an older PC. Just don't expect it to improve gaming FPS.
  7. R5 2400G Build Planning

    Uh. What is that actually? Yeah that case, PSU look good. Havin a bit of trouble finding that motherboard outside the listed places on PCPP. From what I know that RAM is probably good value for the speed. Is the 2 8gb sticks better than 4 4GB sticks when working with APU? I'm not looking for a dGPU in this build. I already have an RX 460 I could sell for what I paid for it (doubt I will though cause it was so cheap anyway). I could buy any dGPU I want and just mine to mitigate the cost, it's just that I have this idea to both make my PC as low power as possible and as much a "balling" (as Linus puts it) gaming PC as possible without a GPU so you can show your friends gaming performance then open up the cover and have there be no GPU. I've always had this obsession with making my PC low power because I wanted to be a minimalist using as little electricity and in turn money as possible. I even have this dream project of making a gaming PC low power enough that I can run it off of a battery charged by a solar panel. Ofcourse Intel has lower power chips with iGPU, but intel hasn't innovated on GPU performance in ages and watching Hardware Unboxed's review these APUs are very efficient, like even more than Summit Ridge which was impressive.
  8. Motherboard and case combo are a huge decision because it affects what display outputs I have available as well as form factor. Ofcourse I want it to be SFF, but that doesn't mean it has to be ITX Without much understanding the most popular board on Newegg is this ASRock one for ~89USD https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157761&cm_re=AM4_motherboard-_-13-157-761-_-Product It has VGA, DVI and DHMI at a glance, but no DP which is kind of disapointing, but I guess complaining about how bulky DVI is is sort of a first world problem. ________ For a case I'm hoping for something slim and kind of boring looking for that sleeper aesthetic of my old HP 6005 Compaq Pro that went underneath my monitor. A Thermaltake Core G3 (https://www.amazon.com/Thermaltake-Factor-Certified-Computer-CA-1G6-00T1WN-00/dp/B01KV6ACLO/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8) seems to be the best option, but I'm open to suggestions. ________ Not sure about RAM either. This build would probably benefit from fast RAM, I fear this is where a value build will be hit the hardest though. I want atleast 12GB which is what I run now as DDR3. What model do you recommend? ________ For cooling I would stick to the stock cooler for a while. I say this because I might be able to mod one of my various collection of OEM coolers/heatsinks to fit on AM4, so I will hold off on any advanced coolers. ________ Also what SFX PSU do you recommend? IIRC the PSU tier list on this forum doesn't go over non-ATX models.
  9. Coulda sworn RTG actually made more money with Vega than the stuff before, just that it wasn't with gaming.
  10. I just don't care. Humans are dirty creatures with dirty minds. The built-in desire to bang almost anything and everything is just normal and it doesn't surprise me that parts of the population act upon those desires regardless of the laws on what's socially acceptable. Who knows though. Maybe once the singularity happens and AI replaces us we won't have to worry about such primitive offences.
  11. I'm honestly sick of hearing about sexual misconduct cases and claims. There's a new one every other day it feels like.