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  1. IDK that actually takes up more space when you include monitor and peripherals and I dunno how I could run it off a battery that charges during the day which isn't a problem in a laptop because the battery is built in. Okay, I'd try to keep that in mind.
  2. I wanted to try an experiment for tenting/ camping trips where currently I have my S7 smartphone that I have both a battery bank and a solar/hand crank USB charger that's also a flashlight and radio. I was curious what kind of solar panel and laptop combo would work for the same camping scenarios. Even for home use it would be convenient to have a computer that works off of solar energy. I love the whole off the grid independence from money sort of deal without giving up every piece of technology. As long as the laptop has 4 cores and a decent integrated graphics for playing something like Minecraft. Also preferably a laptop that's as modular as possible and can have RAM, drives and battery replaced easily. Preferably under 500 USD too. For such a device what kind of solar panel kit would I want to get for that? I'll admit I'm not an electrician so I would probably need something with some instructions to figure out how to use such a device. Do you think this plan is viable? I mean those mobile CPUs are only up to ~15-35W TDP and have performance in spitting distance of the desktop equivalents it seems.
  3. Seems one of the guys whose benchmarks I watch had a bunch of his vids demonetized Feels bad man.
  4. Until Internet is made a right they can do whatever they want with their service / platform.
  5. Is there any kind of meaningful upgrade to the iGPU yet? The changes from Skylake to Kabylake was disappointing.
  6. Are there any really good turn-based online games perhaps so Internet isn't as much deciding factor in games? I know there's online card game's out there, but is that it? Also any games that are multiplayer, but not necessarily competitive? Runescape comes to mind a bit because there was a lot of non-competitive gameplay to be had there, but any other ideas? This is more question for friends or possible future hypothetical scenarios rather than my current situation.
  7. People feared big government so they made it so weak that it got taken over by corporations so that they can domineer with the dollar.
  8. vega

    That's kind of stupid of AMD.
  9. He seems like a good watch, thanks.
  10. Can we get all Intel stock coolers that come with CPUs vs all stock coolers that come with AMD CPUs?
  11. So who's this being targeted at?
  12. INTEL NO