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  1. This, but un-ironically. 


  2. "Just get a better job"


  3. Okjoek

    DC Solar power systems?

    @phoon @WereCatf Ooooh. Okay. Reason I was wondering is because it's so hard to figure out what kind of solar system one would need and adding the need for an inverter throws another variable to be unsure about what's good enough into the system. Like I want to plan systems designed for people using improvised shelter, migrants, homeless, anarchists, minimalists and settlers around mostly essentials like... Lighting Food preservation Running water Communications, internet if possible.
  4. I was watching a recent Techquickie vid... and it got me thinking. Most solar power systems I've seen involve an inverter that changes the DC coming from the charge controller into AC for home appliances. I was wondering though, if the point of AC is just for transferring electricity over long distance, why would you need it for a solar power kit for a home system? Couldn't you just find appliances capable of running off DC so you're not losing efficiency by turning it into AC and then back again? Like I'm sure there's already DC compatible lighting systems, small electronics chargers like phone chargers, USB appliances and stuff, but what about some bigger fish like perhaps... laptop chargers? A small refrigerator? A water pump? A router-modem?
  5. Time for proletariat channels to seize the means of production!
  6. Okjoek

    Why did you buy an Android phone?

    Cheaper and I could run GBA emulators.
  7. Okjoek

    ASRock announces new STX motherboard, so tiny!

    AM4 STX! Finally did it boiz! Though, honestly I'm waiting for DDR5 systems in another 2-ish years if I want a system that uses an iGPU.
  8. I'd rather use the open defecation street in India.
  9. So what were the workloads that were affected again?