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    Asrock Z87 Extreme 4
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    24GB 8x3 EVGA 2100Mhz
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    EVGA 970 SSC
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    480GB SSD; 256GB SSD + Bulk HDD Storage
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    Corsair 850W 80+ Gold
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    ASUS 1080p TN 144Hz; LG 1080p TN 60Hz
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    Hyper 212 Evo w/ Noctua Fan
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    Roccat ISKU
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    Logitech G602
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    AKG M50x
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    Windows 10 Pro (Reluctanty)

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  1. These are basically the same questions I have. The PIA of old was great about this, and they seem to be okay now, but what assurances do we have?
  2. Along these same lines, how do we know they won't keep logs despite saying they wont now that they're under new owners.
  3. Thanks. That what I figured but I wanted to make sure. A SSD that big is too expensive and doesn't make sense for media storage like I'll be using it for.
  4. Because I'm installing it in an old ThinkPad laptop. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  5. I'm looking into replacing a dvd bay in one of my computers with a 2.5" hdd bay. I would have clearance of 12.7mm for my 2.5" hdd. The problem I'm having is that I can't find anything in this form factor above 2TBs. I know Segates go up to 5tb if you go 15mm, but that won't fit. Is there anything that is higher than 2tbs that would fit in this drive? Thanks.
  6. I have one too. I use it to record shows to my Plex server OTA.
  7. I am an iPhone 8 Plus user. I like the focus on security by Apple. Devices are supported for long and are guaranteed updates for way longer than Andriod phones. I like how apps are generally a little better or updated sooner on iOS and have less issues due to less devices to support. iMessage is handy with other iPhone users in the family. Cameras are generally not the best in the biz, but still really good. 4k recording doesn't have time limit.
  8. I'll be sticking with my 4700k for awhile. It's fast enough for me especially with my overclock and the only thing making me even remotely consider an upgrade is that I could have faster HandBrake transcodes.
  9. Get a ThinkPad. You can never go wrong with a ThinkPad.
  10. I personally can't stand banner ads on the content I'm watching.
  11. That was my initial thought, but with the suck high cost of the repair it might make sense to opt for the fixed design so that they don't have to fix the problem multiple times per device. But I don't know either.
  12. So will their replacement program for older devices use this new keyboard design then?