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  1. Here is the screen shot you requested, it is labeled disk 2 and 3
  2. May have to come back to this guys, school just sent message they want parents to pick up kids due to storms. Thanks for the help and I will try to get that screen shot later.
  3. The target disk is bigger as it is 2TB, however the disk is reading as only 1TB after cloning and formatting will not revert it back to 2. Will one of those programs help reconvert it?
  4. This drive was a Microsoft Storage Space drive I added for my mother after I put the OS on a SSD for her. The problem now is I cant seem to get the drive to format back to 2TB? not sure what to do.
  5. I purchased an Inland dual bay usb 3.0 docking station and new Barracuda 2TB HDD to attempt to clone a 1TB Storage drive from my mothers computer that was failing. I did backup her important folders to my computer before attempting so they are safe thankfully. My first attempt i did nothing to the new and old drives except put them in the correct bays, make sure the usb cable was unplugged, and hit the cloning button. After running all night I checked the new drive, and the pictures folder would not come up and said it was corrupted. Also the new drive now only showed 1TB rather than 2TB. I formatted the drive still only seeing 1TB, and tried again failing a second time. Now I am trying to use the dock to simply format the drive back to 2TB and manually move the data over, but failing at this as well. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Thank you
  6. Checking in from Alvin, Tx just between Houston and Galveston. This city holds the record for rainfall in 24hrs for the whole United States. On July 25th 1979 we received 43" in only 24hrs from Tropical Storm Claudette. According to my neighbors who lived here through that storm the water came REALLY close to the same levels. Missed it by only a couple of inches. Luckily my family did not get flooded out, and only one extended member got more than an inch or two in their homes. Everyone is safe regardless but as mentioned in an earlier thread the rivers and bayous are set for EPIC level flooding! The Brazos river basin was evacuated two days ago in preparation for the water that is coming. Here is the level monitor for the Brazos and you can see how it has evolved. Brazos river level
  7. While I doubt we will see a cheaper 1900 non X, it's still possible. http://www.tomshardware.com/news/amd-threadripper-1920-1950-1900,35165.html
  8. Evening guys, I just got this nice unused Corsair H50 for a song and I want to install it on my I5-2400. It did not have a fan with the cooler so I plan to use one of my case fans for now. The case is a Zalman Z9 Neo and any tips or advice before I put it in my system would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Local sale for only $35! Missing the fan but other than that it is completely unused! Now I just need an i7-2600K to go with it, anyone have on collecting dust?
  10. Kind of what I was thinking. Really want an RX 580 or 6g 1060, but not at the prices they are going for now.
  11. I've only heard good things about the one here in Houston. Still always safe advise to be sure you are getting what you pay for. I have even opened things right after I bought them IN the store to check.
  12. Been thinking of upgrading my rig. What do you guys think, or should I save my money for a Ryzen build? The micro center near me seems to get open box deals pretty regularly.
  13. Thanks everyone, I will try Wordpress and see how that goes for now. I may come back looking for specific help as I move forward with the project though. Again I appreciate all the help!
  14. Not saying I couldn't nor would I mind learning it. However the time to learn it really isn't there right now, and I am trying to get fairly good results on a budget of " what you want to get paid?!" lol
  15. Been reading about Wordpress and it looks pretty good. Most web hosting sites will accept it?