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  1. *holding my gtx 1070 that i bought for 460 USD*.... ehmm yeah. GTX 1060 6GB is very capable even for 1440p or 21:9 Aspect ratio.
  2. Hi, Just a question if anybody did work with Plumi Video Sharing and knows how to install it on Ubuntu Linux.
  3. I think (if ''mony'' isn't a issue) he will buy titan v and have only 4Gb ram -offtopic- What is ''TITAN 5'' ? Can you send me a link ? Edit: Oh Titan V like roman numbers... get it now...
  4. We succesfully installed Windows 7 on 6th generation Intel CPUs that we have on normal towers. We had some issues still though. No proper support for SSDs on win 7 (i mean sata but they were made later when windows 10 was already released). And many drivers weren't supported so we had to write many scripts and edit them to be able to work. We couldn't upgrade to Win 10 because it was way over budged for 200+ Computers. And we had to make it work otherwise we were f... We are planing that too yeah, but we will be migrating sometime at mid 2018 so we have it finished by the end of 2019.
  5. First things first, tap on caps lock. Second, you don't exactly need a graphics card to render a video. (Correct me if I am wrong)
  6. Yeah, i just migrated to Win 10 and testing programs and daily usage. I must knock on wood, everything seems to be fine and working correctly. And atleast installing drivers isn't as painful as it was on WIN 7. We had issues with Windows 7 on Lenovo M710 Tiny Tower (1L in volume). It has issues like no support for NVMe drives and sometimes it couldn't even recognise itself at boot because of USB 3.0 Drivers was missing. As we thought like windows 7 will be way faster on nvme than windows 10 , in fact , it isn't at all... so we just lost like 2 days trying to install WIN 7 and in the end we sticked with WIN 10 And on that machine, we dont have any issues. I have but a one issue with it and it's that damn pre-installed software in start.
  7. Hello everybody I have a question about what type of OS do you use in industrial environment. I like flexibility and support for older devices and drivers on windows 7, but i don't like any support for NVMe Drives and very bad installation issues on computers that have support only for USB 3.0. So , main question: Do you prefer Windows 7 Enterprise or Windows 10 Enterprise (Industrial version of OS) P.S teribly sorry if this topic doesn't belong here.
  8. I think you have nothing to worry about, I have 256gb SSD and 1TB HDD 5400RPM and it makes some kind of noise too. Transfers data how 5400RPM HDD would so ... yeah
  9. But you can't say it isn't sexy Plus this is first mobo from NZXT
  10. What ? SSD should make a difference in loading the game , not FPS
  11. Well... Next time use quote so i can respon asap.
  12. Did he tried to get new installed ram out of the pc and see if problem still persists ?
  13. It wasn't stupid.Windows 10 does have a 32bit version of OS.
  14. Maybe your PC is running some mining software that you are not aware of. I would recomend to scan your PC if it has some Malware, or reinstall Windows...
  15. That Coffee Lake is fixed against Meltdown and Spectre.
  16. Intel Forcing to update to newest hardware ? And What about server class cpus ? What if someone on VMs or running algorithmic programs that are used to absolute max can see degradation in peformance ?
  17. Yeah it is good. Except it will not work... You can't use coffee lake cpu in this mobo...
  18. Hmm, Because i have intel CPUs on both of my stations No i think not, definitely not BIOS, i'm not using my stations for work, only for gaming so... That is just life a of a IT Specialist at my work. 2 Laptops, 1 Private, and 1 for a work
  19. Well, if there will be any Bios update at all... We have new Lenovo stations with I5 6600 vPro, 8GB Ram and 256 Samsung SSD (not Evo , just some cheap ass Samsungs) So i'm not that afraid of performance loss (since they are not stressing it enough anyway) But still, more concerned about security breaches so... yeah. Definitely will be looking for any updates from Lenovo and deploying the update across all PCs.
  20. At least that is some good news from it, because at my workplace we have like 200 Computers just on Windows 7 Enterprise. One step that could went wrong or some update that wouldn't install and everything could go really bad... We are planing to upgrade to Win 10 Enterprise but that is not now, not in near future.
  21. Nvm, just one of my trusted sites for it news... Well, untrusted now
  22. Well, i read somewhere that Microsoft is taking a gamble and they are updating ONLY Win 8.1 and Win 10. So...
  23. Little bit off topic , but what will be happening on all PCs that are not updated on Win 10 ? (Win 7, 8.1...) And what about Legacy Cpu/MB ? Will they get their BIOS updated ? That's Really my question here... As I'm afraid of data loss at my work..
  24. Have you tried running it with only single GPU ? From what i've read, SLI scaling is very bad on Pascal GPUs... Like 40-50% on GPU1 and the same on GPU2.. **No SLI Expert here
  25. K, will give it a shot, thanks ! Yeah, i had too in the past... MSI GX60 Destroyer , full AMD system, i mean APU A10 + R9 M290X. That Laptop is like 2 years old and by AMD , it is a Legacy, so no newer games on it could be played, no Windows 10 because with it, it tried to install newest drivers etc. MESS ! Dont ever buy APU + GPU AMD Laptops ever ! BTW , Thanks for the info