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  1. GTX750 Ti is very reasonable GPU, but if you are still considering, try to search for GTX 960 4gb version or GTX 1050Ti 4gb.
  2. My first GPU was FX 5500 128mb AGP card. Pretty bad because i got a PC from parents in like 2011 , so i used to search for games that can run on this card, never again... PC had HD 5570 1GB, and it was marvelous for me back then, because i could now run all games that i wanted. Whole PC was pretty high end back in 2011 (well in some degree) Pentium Dual-Core 3.00ghz, 4gb ram. As new games were more and more demanding, i bought GTX 750 Ti to my system, huge jump for me again. I did upgrade on my CPU too, from Pentium to Q6600 and OCed it to 3.2 GHZ. But CPU was bottlenecked and i had a lot of issues with my RAM (couldnt use more than 4gb) I switched to FX 8300 and upgraded my RAM to 16gb. GTX 750 Ti was a 2gb card and i found that very limiting for me , so i swapped it for GTX 960 4gb, not a huge upgrade , but for me , it was a step down the path. When i started working, i always wanted something from mid- high end. So i bought myself a 1150 MB and bought Xeon from ebay. Upgraded to 32gb ram ( because my old FX system had DDR3 and this one had too, easy upgrade) Lastly sold my GTX 960 and bought 1070 because i wanted triple monitor setup. Also, bought a laptop for school that ended up having gt750m , win/win situation for me
  3. They might include it in the package with GPU.They used to have mini DP to DP converters already packaged when our Quadro cards arrived. Well, if converter doesn't arrive with your gpu, it's pretty easy to find one. And to your question, it's maybe because of cooling from side of the card. Think they want to make it so it can be used on a single slot.
  4. Just buy converter from mini hdmi to hdmi, it shouldn't be that expensive.
  5. Well , try to look on this video. IBM Aptiva
  6. Dell Optiplex 3010 HP Blackbird 002 Dell Precision T1700 Dell Optiplex 3010 SFF (may be limiting but love this case)
  7. I always liked the case from Optiplex 3010 and 3010 SFF. Also like the workstation look of Dell Precision T1700. From HP , i think i like HP BlackBird but that is more futuristic and has a gaming HW.
  8. Well, you can't dedicate a power to only 1 monitor, surround doesn't work like that. Also, (i dunno if that is true) you can't run middle monitor on 144hz. if your other two monitors are only 60Hz , you will only get a 60hz on the middle one even if it is 144hz.
  9. Well, let's mention Shadow of War here which uses 8GB of Vram even on 1080p.... But yeah, i must agree. Games like GTA V or BF 1 should be running smoothly on 1080p with 1060 even on 3GB.
  10. Pff, i think on some motherboards 8GB, but i had old LGA775 that supported only 4GB so.. yeah. Check motherboard support for RAM.
  11. DDU is a software to uninstall drivers. You should just google it. BTW. There is some fixes that i searched on google, some videos, you could just try that... Anyway, you are welcome
  12. Well, it will not pay for your entire rig and it will take some time to make some money, but it is profitable in some degree.
  13. Yeah, at higher power consumption.
  14. To uninstall Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, you will have to open the Start Menu. Next, click on the Settings link. Having opened the Settings panel, click on Update and security and here select Recovery settings. Next click on the Get started button under Go back to an earlier build section. The process will start, and you will be asked some questions for information purposes, as to why you are going back to the previous build of Windows 10. If you dont have this option, you always can download Windows 10 1703 ISO From Microsoft. (detailed info and how to is in this link https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-windows_install-winpc/how-to-use-the-rollback-function-in-windows-10/3e9e5c2d-239f-488c-9f48-64a226302657
  15. It seems like it could be because of Windows 10 1709 Fall Update. Can you revert back to previous version of 1703 ?
  16. Why do miners have to mine with GPUs ? Why can't they mine with i dunno... old PCI Sound Cards ?
  17. *holding my gtx 1070 that i bought for 460 USD*.. yeah.. Go for maxwell, prices of pascal are over the roof right now...
  18. At Czech Republic, we are still holding on to MSRP but everywhere is out of stock. When i tried to buy a new gpu (RX580 just tried lol) i was 500th in a queue
  19. Yeah, saw that post. *offtopic*
  20. Pity.... i can send you 8800 GT. But it has some artifacts and was in the oven once
  21. Well you can always play Doom VFR, LOL
  22. But again. If you want to max out every game on 1080p, gtx 980ti can definitely do that.
  23. Well, 1070 is neck to neck with 980Ti. 1070 has a lower power consumption. In some games 980Ti is better than 1070 (Let's say 5-10% at most). If you have 980 i would stick with it. If you play on 1080p. GTX 1060 is only better because it has 6GB VRAM , Performance wise, it's same. Again though GTX 1060 has lower power consumption than 980.
  24. Yeah, i did , but some ended in error. Not Python though...
  25. tried that, always getting stuck on buildouts with python. Something like the buildout or python is missing , even i got it installed when i started writing sudo commands Frustration...