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  1. 2 hours ago, TurkarYash said:

    I'm running an Intel i7 4790 with 16 gigs of RAM and a GTX 1050ti. I do not game on this machine and wont be starting anytime soon. I started using my GPU for CUDA programming and deep learning and it just isn't enough. I am on a low budget and I found some refurbished cards on EVGA B-Stock. The 780 is available for $130 which is pretty cheap and might be able to afford it, as its a faster card, is it a good choice in 2019 for that price? I will be running my 1050ti as well.

    GTX 780 should have better performance than 1050Ti over all. It has 2304 Cuda Cores and 1050Ti has 768 Cuda Cores.

    I don't know which program are you running and if it will scale well between two graphic cards , but yeah. On a paper 780 is faster with more CUDA cores.

    Talking about a price , i think it is a bargain for that price, even in 2019. Considering that 1050Ti costs somewhere between 150-160$. I would go for it.

  2. Just now, Barry220 said:

    well hat should i see before i buy a new psu, does all modern Psu have pin conenectors?? 

    Most of them , yes.

    If you will pick something from Tier 3 to Tier 1 it should definitely have at least 2 of them.

    They should have something like 2x 6+2Pin on one cable, or if it is a modular one, it should have all cables that you will need.

  3. 1 minute ago, Barry220 said:

    well this is the label i got, i dot think it has any 6 pin, guess i need a new Psu


    Well, you could try using 2x MOLEX to 6Pin cable, but i would not recomend that.

    If you will be buying new PSU , check out LTT PSU Tier List ! (always helps)


  4. 17 minutes ago, Lukas_Tabery said:

    Hello folks,

    i wanted to get into music production, but since i am a poor pleb i dont have enough money to get a second pc for Fruity loops alone. All 3 outputs of my gtx 750ti are taken and i wanted to ask if i could maybe add a gtx 710 and use it just for the monitor (1920x1080 60hz) with fruity loops. will this work, and if yes how well? tyty, xoxo, Papa bless,


    It will work, just keep in mind that you need to have PCI-E 16x lane on motherboard that will run at least at 8x speed.

    You can also try, if your motherboard has integrated graphics, just using those ports, but you will need to enable some settings in BIOS.

  5. Hi,

    So, I'm currently in a bit of an odd situation.

    I my colleague just gave me PSU he didn't need anymore.

    So my question is.

    Do i care to change or should i keep my current one ?


    My current one that i'm using rn:

    Cooler Master G550M



    The ''New'' PSU he gave me:

    FSP Hydro HD700 (at least that is the model name)



    I spend a lot of time researching about this type of PSU but in tier list of PSUs this type is nowhere to be found (only Hydro G or other Hydros but not this one)

    And i know that my G550M is in Tier 4 in PSU List.


    Thanks for any info !


  6. 29 minutes ago, Matu20 said:

    Exactly, you don't know about this. Go check a few benchmarks and report back. Don't spread shit you're not ready to back up.

    Yeah, definitely will listen to your BS right now. And everytime i wrote something what i didn't have backed up i said IMO which means in my opinion if I'm not mistaken.

  7. 21 hours ago, Matu20 said:

    1440p is a huge upgrade over 1080p. And totally worth it.


    Seeing as you have an older CPU, going with 1440p will actually help with the bottleneck you currently have. Higer res = less strain on CPU.

    Don't know about this, cpu bottleneck should be same or slighthly higher. But he still has very weak CPU for this GPU anyway.

  8. 2 minutes ago, ManosMax13 said:

    Hallo my name is Manos and i am new to this forum!


    I need some information.I have a gtx asus rog strix 1060 6g an i7 860 2.80ghz and 8g of ddr3 ram.

    I want to get a 1440p monitor but i am not sure whether it is able to play all games at a decent (40 and up fps) at high or ultra settings.

    So should i buy the good monitor or stick with my 1080p display.

    Also if i scale a game at 1080p in a 1440p monitor for a preformance boost will it look good ?

    I need your opinions as soon as possible.



    Welcome To The Forum ! :)

    So firstly , I7 860 is a pretty old CPU and i think it is currently bottlenecking your 1060 (or near to bottleneck)

    I would really consider buying a new mobo and CPU.

    GTX 1060 is a good card for 1440p/40ish FPS (sometimes even higher).

    IMO i would stick with 1080p because 1440p isn't really too much of a difference. (AGAIN IMO)

    1080p on 1440p it would look like a 720p on 1080p, so terible.

    But still, i tried 1440p monitor only for 2-3 hours so i'm not here to judge :)

  9. 2 minutes ago, Almostbauws said:

    It still remains a early 2016 smartphone camera, no matter what kinds of magic paid apps you download on it. It is usable for the OPs use case(crappy youtube videos), but it doesnt hold agains dslr and real cameras.

    It Doesn't but you can't say it is something that you cannot make a beutiful photos with. It isn't 3 mpx early smartphone.

  10. 1 hour ago, Almostbauws said:

    One app isnt magically turn your crappy smartphone camera to something comparable with real cameras.

    It stills remains a crappy smartphone camera.

    Well, i don't think that iPhone SE has a crappy camera. I would use something like uncapable for this type of work. But not crappy.

  11. 3 hours ago, Mattforum said:


    This does not seem to be case, I have uninstalled MSI software and the problem persists... I think it has to do with the nvidia drivers having some kind of incompatibility with the Aorus App. Oddly enough if I do not run the Graphics Engine app (I have disabled the autoload on startup option) it runs pretty much fine, but if I open it to change any setting it will crash shortly after.

    Did you try installing an older version of nVidia drivers ?

  12. 8 hours ago, JoostinOnline said:

    I wish I'd never bought a 144hz monitor.  Like seriously, I'm angry about it.  When I got it, I couldn't tell a difference except in side by side tests.  Then my eyes got used to it.  30fps used to look decent to me.  Now it looks like a flipbook, and makes me sick at my stomach.  60fps looks okay, but it doesn't look entirely fluid anymore.

    I had this with 60fps. I used to play with gtx 960 4gb and was very keen on having very high/ultra graphics than targeting on 60fps, when i got my 1070 60fps on every game on ultra was at least for me pretty badass, now when i try to go for 60 fps on Kingdom Come Deliverance on Ultra, i cant, i just need those 60FPS !!! :D

  13. 7 hours ago, D4rk6h0zt said:

    What is Stream Processors for?

    Stream processing techniques work well for ray tracing, computational fluid dynamics, weather modelling and protein folding calculations. Applications requiring massive vector operations and high-throughput computations see big gains versus conventional CPU number crunching. General purpose applications may not see speed improvements. The number of stream processors (and their speed) are not the only significant measurement for GPU performance.

    7 hours ago, D4rk6h0zt said:

    What is Texture Mapping Units for?

    To render a 3D scene, textures are mapped over the top of polygon meshes


    . This is called texture mapping and is accomplished by texture mapping units (TMUs) on the videocard. Texture fill rate is a measure of the speed with which a particular card can perform texture mapping.

    7 hours ago, D4rk6h0zt said:

    What is ROP for?

    The render output unit, often abbreviated as "ROP", and sometimes called (perhaps more properly) raster operations pipeline, is a hardware component in modern graphics processing units (GPUs) and one of the final steps in the rendering process of modern graphics cards. The pixel pipelines take pixel (each pixel is a dimensionless point), and texel information and process it, via specific matrix and vector operations, into a final pixel or depth value. This process is called rasterization. So ROPs control antialiasing, when more than one sample is merged into one pixel.

    7 hours ago, D4rk6h0zt said:

    What is Pixel Fill Rate for?

    The term pixel fillrate refers to the number of pixels a video card can render to screen and write to video memory in a second or in case of texture fillrate the number of texture map elements (texels) GPU can map to pixels in a second.

    7 hours ago, D4rk6h0zt said:

    What is Texture Fill Rate for?

    The number of textured pixels the card can render to the screen every second. To render a 3D scene, textures are mapped over the top of polygon meshes. This is called texture mapping and is accomplished by texture mapping units (TMUs) on the videocard. Texture fill rate is a measure of the speed with which a particular card can perform texture mapping.

    7 hours ago, D4rk6h0zt said:

    Which is best for gaming at higher resolution?

    Pixel Fill Rate - Higher the number, higher the resolution GPU can produce.

    This doesn't exactly mean higher number, higher performance.

    7 hours ago, D4rk6h0zt said:

    Which makes gaming performance high?

    Which makes games run faster at high presets?

    ROPs and TMUs, Stream Processors doesn't make that much difference.

  14. 52 minutes ago, Dakascos said:

    I edited the other post with some pics. (Nevermind the pics, googled the gpu and its the same everywhere)

    I still get roughly 400 MB/s when bandwidth testing..

    A resume of when and how my issue started:

    My pc entered normal sleep mode( this sometimes happened but with 0 issues, just like a normal pc ), then when I tried to wake it, it did wake, fans started etc, but monitor was black-screen with the power-light flashing. So, I decided to restart my computer from the button. A normal restart went through, heard my Windows Welcome Sound etc. But monitor still the same, black-screen and power-light flashing. Tried everything to get it work, searched the same issues online, tried to work it out, I didn't know what was going on.  

    So I opened my pc case and replugged the PCI-E cable to the gpu, and voila it worked normally. But from then I drastically saw fps drops in some of my games. Some games just straight low fps, others normal fps but with stutters.  

    (In case you know of any of these games: CS:GO - can play only with r_dynamic 0, if its 1, it enables some extra flashing on the guns and on the map, when people spray/shoot/flashbang, fps drops to 50 from 300-400, and causes some constant stutter while guns are being sprayed)  -

    (Rocket League: it seems very stuttery even tho fps is high) - these are some examples.  

    And now after I removed the graphics card and put it back (ofc removed all cables etc), monitor was black-screen again with the light flashing, I replugged the PCI-E cable, and it worked once again... very weird stuff.. no clue what's making this happen. 

    (One more example of this issue: I uninstalled nvidia graphics driver and the screen went black with the same issue, replugged PCI-E, worked etc.)

    Edit: It seems I scored a normal score to all the others 750 TI's (1600x900 res) (1141 - Extreme HD/Ultra, Valley), all the above issues still stand though... not sure what to think..  

    TLDR: Performance dropped (random fps drops) in games after a random black-screen occurred, gpu bandwidth runs at x1 v2.0 instead of x16 v2.0, even when tested. Benchmark seems Ok(normal results).



    Perfomance is good from benchmark. GTX 750 Ti should still be somewhat capable card , at least running on these type of games.

    Because i never had this type of problem, i can only suggest some thing:

    Trying to borrow friends pc swap out his GPU to yours , see if it will still be problem (trying your gpu in another system i would say). Wouldn't be bad to try his GPU aswell.

    Reinstalling Windows.

    EDIT: Please, quote so i can see your posts as soon as possible.

  15. Just now, Dakascos said:

    Yeah, u were right. So, I managed to remove it and put it back in. The bandwidth performance is still at x1 v2.0 ( GPU Z )when render testing, when idle x1 1.1. Before replugging the card it would be constant 2.0. This is not an issue, the issue is the card still peforms at x1 while being on a x16 slot.

    So when you benchmark the gpu in something like Valley or Superposition, is the score equally good as other GTX 750Ti's found on internet ?

  16. 9 minutes ago, Dakascos said:

    8So I still can't get to remove it, I removed the screws, pulled the hatch and it still doesn't budge. 

    The back looks pretty weird it seems there are 2 holes where the screws where, and the gpu barely goes through the case and holds it in place.( Mind the dust )



    Try to unscrew this one.

  17. 2 minutes ago, MajesticEmu said:

    I recently purchased a used gtx 1080 Ti SC2, it came with the original air cooler, and also evga's 1080ti hybrid cooler (purchased separately). The issue i have is that it came with the liquid cooler installed, and i want to use the air cooler, BUT the seller did not include the screws for it.  i have tried using the screws from the liquid cooler, and all fit (maybe not the best but they fit) except for the 4 spring screws, which are too long. I have contacted evga, and they will not send replacement screws. What are my options? I have been looking on ebay and found some M2 7mm 316 screws but am unsure if they're the correct size.

    Well, the screws with spring are very improtant because it adds some pressure on the chip itself. You can try to go to some local shop , see if they aren't selling this screws. It shouldn't be a problem. I did it with my gtx 960 , when i painted it a lost a spring screw, got some from another GPU and it fitted perfectly.

  18. 8 minutes ago, Dakascos said:

    Hello, I'm having some bandwidth issues with my graphic card, instead of it running at x16 v2.0 (PCI-E) speed it runs at x1 v2.0(GPU-Z, CPU-Z).  (Even when BenchMarking or Render Testing)

    So I decided to remove it and put it back in, the issue is I'm not able to do it, I unscrew everything on the side and from the back of the pc (related to the gpu ofc), but I can't find any locking pins, only a small one which I am afraid to push too hard, not even sure if I'm suppose to push it?



    It Should be self-explanatory.

    Dont be afraid to use some force.