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  1. As for aliasing and flicker maybe, and i say maybe it always been like this and never really paid attention, but as for draw distance being extremely low on every game, sorry, it's not always been the case. It goes for pop-ins and shadows not rendered properly, that bubble effect rendering everything out of it by a short distance low detailed. That is not normal. But if you're convinced otherwise good for you, and as I said, this issue is not going to kill my hobby of playing video games, or i would have waste a great deal of money.. and time.
  2. I switched from a ROG laptop with a GTX 860M to a better computer with a GTX 1080Ti, problem remains the same, even thought i can now enjoy gaming in 2K/4K, and to be honest that's good enough for me. I don't wanna lose my time looking for a solution without knowing where to even start, since it happened suddenly when i booted my laptop one morning, 3 years ago, and tried all i could. I feel bad for people trying to buy new and expensive hardware... and i don't think it's because of electricity either, that's just insane, and would damage more than your rendering. As annoying as it is, i rather play than complain on something we can't even understand, and someday might fix by itself.
  3. Funny, i started noticing the problem replaying TW2. I actually recorded a video a long time ago showing the magnificent pop-in of vegetation, AA not existing, and shadows being a complete mess, which actually made me figure straight something was off, since this game is a piece of art graphically. But so many people have this problem different way, i got this after simply booting my computer the next day. I just deal with that crap for 2 years now, don't bother me that much now, but i can understand it pisses people off, buying expensive rigs trying to get rid of it. It really sound crazy thought...
  4. No need for the provocation and the bitterness. Fact is there is more people reporting having the same problem, that might be hard for you to understand why, but that's real. You can take your time to argue why there is is aliasing in games (and it's not the only problem), this is pretty much pointless, even if you trying to help, we know how the games we played looked like, and it's not just suddenly that people willf figure that, well, damn there is a lot of aliasing after all. You better believe it. I still could not record some gameplay, i really have to do, even if it's worthless, but just to give you a quick resume, playing back AC II at 1080p with 8xAA, seeing buidlings, shadows, leaves, details all around popping in a 5 meters radius, is definitely not what i had previously playing it. I can even tell it's worse than my Xbox 360 days. Keep on explaining why we are nutcases (meaning it or not); i can say that we made up our mind a long time ago,
  5. You keep on going TW3 and GTA 5, while 95% of my Steam library (pretty much games without TAA) is full of aliasing. This and everything else. It is not driver related. Gotta motivate myself tonight to install OBS and record AC II or Black Flag for few minutes since i play those two actually, aliasing might not be that obvious to notice, but drawing distance and shadows will be. Since you ask many users to read back your posts, try to find one of mine where I show a recording of The Witcher 2. And you better not tell me the pop-in is a normal issue in this game, because i played it 200+ hoursI and I can tell that something went wrong.
  6. Pretty much what i'm thinking too. Users having the problem who bought a Ryzen gotta test few games, and for few weeks, to see if this "improvement" lasts. I got the problem too guys, but it really make me feel sad to see you stop gaming because of it. As hard as it was, i actually got used to it. But i respect your dedication trying (and buying) a lot of hardware to find a solution.
  7. @k4bn Man, for real, you posted a lot recently on this topic claiming you red the important bits, I can understand your skepticism about all these problems people report, but you gotta stop bring back up that resolution matter. I played for 4 years on 768p on a lot of games, and could eventually afford a better laptop to play 1080p few years ago. Now, what you don't seem to get, is that these problems came out of the blue, for some after hardware changes, for some after reformating, for some just after booting their system while everything was normal the day before. I never had that bad of aliasing playing native resolution, even at 768p back in the days, and anti aliasing anyway was WORKING. Hell, even 4 or 8xSGSSAA is less effective than the actuall TAA few games provide. I can't try 2K neither 4K sadly, but people tried that and report that the issue is still here anyway, with proper monitors. Nobody can explain why suddenly LOD is horrible, popping, low res and make shadows even worse while you're not 5 meters close, as well as nobody can explain why any type of heavy AA can't even work effectively and seems just pointless. Nobody can explain why it happens just to few gamers out of a million, and it seems even odd to me that playing with a different CPU can fix it. I still think the problem is software, but from what, i have no idea. Lordante, aside of shimmering and shadows being almost fixed, did you have any problem of poping textures/meshes as well ? If yes, is it better now ?
  8. So much people got this problem in so many different ways you can never know. As i said myself a while ago on this topic, it might disappear by itself someday. I gotta reset my laptop to factory settings in a few week for cleaning, so i'll tell you if i got any changes after doing so.
  9. I agree for the jaggies in GTA V, thought apparently it's not normal that i got meshes and textures popping everywhere, weird reflections on buildings, and shadows being rendered awfully of course, my sibling play the game too on his computer and noticed it was weird playing the game on mine during last week on holidays.
  10. Gotta be software, every game with TAA don't have this problem, i was even surprised yesterday when i started a new game in Skyrim Special Edition to find there is no more LOD issue as well. Must be because i didn't install any heavy textures pack. Playing GTA V too at the moment, even at 1080p and TXAA x2 i got jaggies, so i guess this is because of the engine. That would be surprising if it turns out it's the processor provoking it, since people are starting to talk about Ryzen testing.
  11. Since i bought Outlast 2, i might record twice one section of the game to show the issue, first using FXAA then using TAA. Because the difference is like night and day, and I doubt even with a poor ant-aliasing solution it has to be that jagged, at 1080p. Understand thought that it is clearly not the best game to show the real deal, there is still the question of why the LOD is bad and shadows don't properly display at a short distance. I wish i had a better hardware to record more games (and a better connection to upload), and yet think people could see the problem on a youtube video, they might not.
  12. No I can't use VSR or DSR sadly, i'm on Optimus technology, so got just one tree of options on the Nvidia control panel, everything else regarding display is controlled by Intel (i can't emulate 2K or 4K resolution with it neither). As far as I know, that's maybe the only game right now that i have with TAA, TXAA actually didn't change much on GTA V for me at 1080p. Have no aliasing issue with Amnesia The Dark Descent as well, but that's probably because i'm playing it on OpenGL. I will also download back Mirror's Edge Catalyst and try again tweaking settings, pretty much sure had no flickering there too with TAA.
  13. Been playing back the Mass Effect trilogy, aliasing could still be seen without really paying attention, at 1080p with 4xSGSSAA (horrible framerate, playing on laptop, but i might record to show). Played then Mass Effect Andromeda at 900p with TAA, barely noticed aliasing. So as few people said in this topic, TAA actually makes a difference on this issue. Still got ugly texture pop-in thought, guess i have to blame game engines on this.
  14. Sadly, there's no solution yet. I'm on laptop too, and it's been now close of a year i have this problem. I didn't bother buy a new one, because few members here already tried once or twice, and it kept coming back. So don't waste any money, and the only thing i can tell you is to get used to it. I did. I sure hope like everyone experiencing this matter that someday it may be fixed.
  15. I have the problem on Darksiders. Using SGSSAA helps thought.