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  1. Zephyrus M vs Razer Blade

    People mostly complain about keyboard, backlight bleed, and driver/software issues. I dont have keyboard and blacklight bleed. I rarely have driver/software issues, probably like once a month or so. Similar to what my desktop. The issue I have is RAM incompatibility. It is picky on the RAM. Tbh, I think people who complain make up like 80% of the forum/review. If you want worry about the issues, ask your friend to check keyboard and backlight bleed before leaving.
  2. I know in USA the law said they cannot deny warranty if the sticker is ripped. I think EU has a similar law.
  3. need help fixing AW m14x

    You can try turn the computer on and then wrap a blanket around it. It will warm up the computer and hopefully melt the solder on the motherboard and fix whatever the problem. Finding another motherboard is going to be tricky and is it really worth the time and money for a 6/7(?) years old laptop? That is your call. Yes it is probably cheaper but how long will it last? Personally I would just save up and buy another computer.
  4. http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c03694820 According to page 77 and 79/80, I think is the northbridge
  5. Broken antenna cables on Inspiron 7559

    You can buy the connector and solder a new one. But other than that and replacing the hold cable, there is really nothing else I could think of.
  6. I agree with Master ZM Fong. Try upgrading the drivers and windows. At least for me, it fixes during the latest windows upgrade. I know windows upgrade actually fixed something
  7. need help fixing AW m14x

    7 beep indicated CPU problem. CPU rarely failed unless you overclocked. So probably the motherboard. Where did you sent it and they could post? Did they send you a picture or something that showed it post? I know some places that if the laptop is "too hard" to repair or is not worth the time they will say "cant fix it" or " everything is fine" Some steps you can try Remove plug and battery hold the power button down for 30 second to a minute or longer. Change the CMOS battery.
  8. You can think of this way. If you are using the internal display with eGPU, then you basically have one road going in and out of your computer to/from the eGPU. If you are using the external display with eGPU, then that same road only have outbound traffic. Of course is more complicated then this but this is the easiest way to view this.
  9. Throttling issues

    Do you have it repaste with LM? Maybe get a cooling pad
  10. Sorry is HIDevolution http://www.hidevolution.com/ based in US. And sorry not sure about Australian. But they do ship worldwide
  11. Get it from a reseller like HDRevolution
  12. Maybe is doing windows update or virus scan?
  13. Have you tried safari? Does it happened to all youtube or just certain youtube? Can you provide links for the youtube?
  14. Switching SSD

    PC parts not the same. Both are upgraded from Win7/8
  15. People say there are keyboard, backlight bleed issues, and software/driver issues. But I have none of those. But there is a RAM incompatibility issue, so if you are going to upgrade the RAM is better to do it at a reseller level so they can test it