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Status Replies posted by pierom_qwerty

  1. wow nobody realized that i am leavningngs


    ok i guess nobody cares about me :(

  2. Must not buy....


    Temptation too strong...... 😛





    Hmmm... Idk lol.  Maybe time to whip out that coral pink meme card.

  3. I moved into my current place on the 10/09. Yesterday (28/10), I found out my housemate's Visa renewal was denied, so he's here until the 30/11. So I have about a month, before I need to move again. Didn't even last 3 months. Fun

  4. I gained 5 followers without getting a single notification.



  5. I have noticed that many people involved in technology appear to have better critical thinking skills than the rest of the population. I wonder why?


    This is an actual question, im not trying to be sarcastic.



    1. pierom_qwerty


      you know that the faster the refresh rate of a light you are looking at, the faster you think. idk about you but im petitoning my school to redo their lights so they refresh at 240 hz. /s

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  6. Attention all fortnite gamers

  7. Holy shit, that's an actual court transcript that was voiced by Roiland and animated by a fan!! XD




    No seriously, all of it, it really happened!!! XD

    But voiced as Rick & Morty is just hilarious!



  8. How many people have not yet realized that Fortnite costumes are gonna be a thing this year?

  9. 1 hour left of work and I have a fever. Ugh :(


    1. pierom_qwerty


      try 104 2 weeks ago


      "yeetaroosketedito" - mother nature 2018

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  10. 1 hour left of work and I have a fever. Ugh :(


    1. pierom_qwerty


      fall just hit us




      but -1 F is as cold as it gets here during the fall

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  11. Gonna peace out for now. See ya around for all the lovers, and fuck you to all the haters. 👌


    dont @ me

  13. wow what a helpful forum


    8 hours and no replies


    if this keeps up i might go to reddit. grrr



  14. Is Steam built on the Source (or Source 2) engine?

  15. i just saw a rog rig reboot submission with a guy saying his i7 5820k + other very good parts wasnt good enough



  16. When you process an order for an eBay Buyer within hours of getting the details. :P


    And thanks to eBay I'll be getting my money on PayPal in 2 weeks 😠. Despite the fact that PayPal normally transfers money to me from a non eBay buyer using paypal instantly.


    Also, Paypal and eBay collectively taking a whopping £5.47 😑


    1. pierom_qwerty


      Hey, they took my $150+ for 6 months, don't be complaining

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  17. http://www.howoldisminecraft1710.today/


    very important 


  18. Everyone's always pushing for unlimited data caps, but I had a thought... wouldn't it make more sense to do the opposite?  Pay for what data you use, but everyone gets the unlimited, maximum speed the ISP can provide?  I'm not sure that's better, but it does seem more logical.  Just a thought.

    1. pierom_qwerty


      @DrMacintosh dude same


      im in love with the no data caps, but my family almost never gets to the xfinity cap, so we might switch for both internet and phone, so then we have better coverage and more access to hotspots.

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