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  2. Hello everybody, I hope that you're having a good day today. As of May 21st, I will be leaving LTT possibly indefinitely, but that may change (we'll see). I know I've said goodbye before, but those were meant to be temporary, but this one is permanent. Ever since I joined over 3 years ago, the forum has just lost its shine to me. Don't get me wrong, its still a great community, just all of the people I started to interact with don't really post here anymore, and I've lost contact with most of them altogether. If you want to contact me, please DM me and I would be happy to give you some sort of means you can contact me with. I've had such a great time here, and I just want to take a moment to thank some people for making it memorable.

    @Ryan_Vickers - One of the greatest people to have around. Great mod, great guy, still waiting for the picture with a pancake on his head thought :/


    @colonel_mortis - Coding legend. Also a nice person, just haven't chatted with them much.


    @wkdpaul - Best dad and mod in the whole damn world, keep it up bro!


    @Sylvie05 x @Vulrax - First friends I made out there. You two are one of the best couples on the forum, and I wish you well


    @Captain_WD - Great help with anything drives. Sad that they had to go eventually :(


    @catzambia dont really remember much about this fellow except that they were chill and nice


    @LienusLateTips go home JDE, you're drunk lol


    @LucasDerpYT since when was he banned?


    and also a list of people I really have nothing to say about except i kinda knew them:








    if i left you off this list, but you knew me, im sorry, theres just too many people to remember


    I hope that maybe one day I will return, but for now I will be focusing on AI and other programming projects. dont be surprised if you hear about me soon ;) 


    goodbye, and ily all

  3. pierom_qwerty

    Moderators on the forum

    flashback to 7th grade me
  4. espn api documentation is nonexistent


    gosh darn it

    1. Techstorm970


      Yeah their website has been projectile crapping for months now...

  5. hippity hoppity


    sorry for all of the notifs boyes

  6. yet another test

    1. pierom_qwerty


      keep on scrollin

  7. Ok, so it looks like ltt uses an API, and it has some defffffiniittteee things which could be exploited


    @colonel_mortis might not be serios, but could have some serious impacts on the site if someone knows how to take control

  8. pierom_qwerty

    How Did You Get with Your Girlfriend (or Boyfriend)?

    actually, i was the one who spilled the beans got 'em
  9. Pie-API is up. Currently can give you a fact about space or the instagram of an e-girl



  10. uhhhh sneak peak at the release. yeah, that was a short beta phase



  11. test

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      huahhhhhh I'm trying to figure out how data packets work with this site

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    4. hfduofhrueotghceumgheoriu


      We demand a shrubbery

  12. Hello All! I was not sure whether this should go into Programming or Programs, Apps and Websites, but this seemed like the best place. Currently, there is a lot of progress to be done, but right now I have four 'tiles' created. They open different programs, being MS Edge, Chrome, NordVPN, and Windows Explorer. Please leave your recommendations for more tiles as it takes a whole five minutes to make another one and I can have another release tonight with a bunch of tiles. The icons of these tiles react to the current level of audio outputting from your computer, just as a nifty animation. I plan on adding a visualizer in the future, but that currently is not a priority because there are hundreds currently out there. If there is anything else you would like to see in this skin please let me know. Note: When loading the skin, ignore the pie-shine-controller.ini as it doesn't do anything, but will make loading the skin easier in the future. Images: Now, here are the instructions with setting up the skin. Download the .rmskin package and open it from your download folder. Navigate to the pie-shine folder in Rainmeter. pie-shine-controller currently doesn't do anything, so there is no point in loading it. Now, navigate to the tiles folder. In each of the folders inside of this folder is an ini file for each tile. You can load each by clicking 'load' Now, everything is loaded, but horizontal alignment in Rainmeter is doodoo, so here is how to do it properly. Open the utilities folder, which has a skin inside, load that skin. You can push two tiles up against the top of this and they will be aligned horizontally. NOTE: Vertical alignment works properly. Y U H its loaded Download: Release Notes: Pie-Shine_0.1.0 Beta.rmskin 0.1.0 Beta:
  13. pierom_qwerty

    Introducing Pie-Shine - A Rainmeter Skin

    oh yeah, those are important. ill update the main post
  14. I need to make a video tutorial tonight



  15. @Sylvie05 guess who is making a rainmeter skin 😎



  16. pierom_qwerty

    1366x768 or 1360x768?

    @chiliNUT @bcredeur97 y'all really just revived a 2+ y/o post. you have some balls
  17. pierom_qwerty

    1366x768 or 1360x768?

    Which resolution is more universal?
  18. If you all don't know what i've been up to, ive been learning how to program. Heres what I know:







    Bootstrap (HTML, JS, CSS)

    WebGL(Not really a language but its fun)


    And an example of the randomish shitposts which im making: 


  19. pierom_qwerty

    Finals Week

    #include <Brian.h> //Brain, Brian. Same difference. #include <Skool.h> //Eh, close enough #include <bodyParts.h> //We need these??? boolean leftArm_exists = TRUE; boolean rightArm_exists = TRUE; boolean leftEye_exists = TRUE; boolean rightEye_exists = TRUE; boolean allFingers_exist = TRUE; #define leftArm 0 #define rightArm 1 #define leftEye 2 #define rightEye 3 #define leftHand A0 #define rightHand A1 void setup() { //These will be done once Serial.begin(9600); } void eyeCheck() { //Code to check if both of your eyes still exist if (digitalRead(leftEye) == LOW) { leftEye_exists == FALSE; } else if (digitalRead(rightEye) == LOW) { rightEye_exists == FALSE; } else { Serial.println("U good fam keep goin"); } } void armCheck() { //Code to check if both of your arms still exist if (digitalRead(leftArm) == LOW) { leftArm_exists == FALSE; } else if (digitalRead(rightArm) == LOW) { rightArm_exists == FALSE; } else { Serial.println("U good fam keep goin"); } } void fingerCheck() { //Code to check if all of your fingers still exist if (analogRead(leftHand) < 5 { allFingers_exist == FALSE; } else if (analogRead(rightHand) < 5 { allFingers_exist == FALSE; } else { Serial.println("ok big gucci"); } } void loop() { eyeCheck(); armCheck(); fingerCheck(); if (leftArm_exists == FALSE) { Serial.println("AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANONONONONONOSTOPSTOPSOTPOSTPOTSPOTSOTOSPOTPS") } else if (rightArm_exists == FALSE) { Serial.println("AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANONONONONONOSTOPSTOPSOTPOSTPOTSPOTSOTOSPOTPS") } else if (leftEye_exists == FALSE) { Serial.println("AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANONONONONONOSTOPSTOPSOTPOSTPOTSPOTSOTOSPOTPS") } else if (leftEye_exists == FALSE) { Serial.println("AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANONONONONONOSTOPSTOPSOTPOSTPOTSPOTSOTOSPOTPS") } else if (allFingers_exist == FALSE) { Serial.println("AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANONONONONONOSTOPSTOPSOTPOSTPOTSPOTSOTOSPOTPS") } else {Serial.println("Nothing has gone wrong, yet.") I whipped this up in like 5 minutes and I'm a lil rusty in C++ so theres going to be mistakes.
  20. pierom_qwerty

    Good "Starting" Mechanical Keyboard

    Hello all! I am doing my first PC build soon, and I was wondering if anybody could recommend a good $100 mechanical keyboard, and a good $60 keyboard. I am asking for both because I may need to cut my budget a bit, and want to keep my options open. Thank you!
  21. pierom_qwerty

    800 USD Gaming Build

    Thank you bigg dawgg
  22. pierom_qwerty

    800 USD Gaming Build

    Hey all! Ive been on this forum for quite some time, and I believe the time has come for me to build a pc. My budget is $800 for now, and some things which id prefer are below: CPU and Mobo > Ryzen 5 or Core i5 > Non OC but OC capable mobo > > Allows for me to upgrade later to an OC capable CPU while not having to sell and buy a new mobo > ATX or EATX mobo RAM > 16GB, preferrably in a 2 x 8GB configuration GPU > 1060 6gb > RX 570 > 1660ti Storage > 128 or 256 gb ssd > already have HDDs, but please add a 1 or 2tb wd blue if in budget PSU > pls no bomb thank you Case > preferrably black with a window if possible > ATX or EATX Thank you all for your input!