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  1. wow look at that 


    i have a job


    and girls like me


    life please don't go boonk gang, i'm happy right now

    1. wkdpaul



    2. Silentprototipe


      Ay :D. Congrats comrade

  2. i should post 4 more times, and then not post for a while

  3. microsoft is buying github


    actually, im exited

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    2. ImplosiveNUTech


      @Ryan_Vickers quick you must help Linus get unbanned from twitch


      to help you need to give me your


      LinusTechTips.com Username:

      Linustechtips.com Password:


      be quick, or he might be banned forever!

    3. Ryan_Vickers


      and just wire $5000 to an offshore bank account or pay with itunes giftcards so you can transfer the full $9000000 USD to my account right?

    4. ImplosiveNUTech


      @Ryan_Vickers you have to complete the first step to get there :ph34r::ph34r::ph34r:

  4. and its quieter than people talking while under load? ill take that

  5. Oh yeah, take into account for fps that the laptop was also managing recording.


    ya boi gonna get it, paycheck comes in tomorrow and i gotta cop

  6. Saw a side to side benchmark between the Acer Nitro 5 AN515-51-55WL and the MSI GV62-7RD. Note: the Acer has an i5 and a 1050ti while the MSI has an i7 and a 1050, but the Acer performs 5-10 fps better in benchmarks, while it is 150 cheaper before rebates, and 100 cheaper after rebates

    1. ImplosiveNUTech


      50 after rebates i need to reread my posts before posting

  7. Laptop i'm looking at getting runs GTA V benchmark ar 65-75 FPS at 1080P High


    hell yeah brother

    1. ImplosiveNUTech


      make that 65-80

    2. ImplosiveNUTech


      sorry 92 it gets higher as the benchmark goes


      spikes to over 100, OwO whats this

  8. The JBL flip 3 is designed to purposely fail. The Amplifier has 3 solder points, but only 2 are soldered, and eventually the third will lose contact with the main board, and the speak will not work. Also, its a big fucking hassle to get that thing open and a tight squeeze for a soldering iron, flashlight, and solder to fit in and solder it in

  9. I am sorry my master, but I have fallen to be a console peasant. 


    TBH my parents got me and my bros an XBOX One S for Christmas and my computer broke last summer. I do enjoy playing Forza Hroizon 3 and FortNUT on it. Bout to get a decent laptop(has a desktop 1050ti in it, so id say decent, and an i5) gon be doin 1080p bois, for once

    1. NoRomanBatmansAllowed
    2. ImplosiveNUTech


      *hacks into servers and unbans*



  10. Good Evening Twitter, this is Eat That Pussy 445, and around 15 to 20 minutes ago, I beat my dick so god damn hard that I cannot feel my left leg. It had gone completely numb.

  11. hotmalms.com


    oh big nuts over here

  12. Quote

    Location   Cramming things in small spaces

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    It feels like I've been giving birth from my eyes for over two days.

  14. anybody know anything bug happening on the 18th?


    big editor on instagram posted these pictures. morse code at the bottom means BE RIGHT BACK




    1. NoRomanBatmansAllowed


      Just replace the "1"'s with "0", and flip it upside down. :D


  15. good job me for forgetting the link in the last status update



  16. First Project Paxox 'product'


    entirely created by me, ill be uploading all of my projects to websites. Everything is there

  17. in a year i've pretty much mastered C+


    aka the arduino IDE


    if you need something coded HMU


    if anybody wants to know what im working on rn, dm me, its kind of secret :ph34r:

    1. Sylvie05


      Why do you have your relationship status on LTT lmao

    2. ImplosiveNUTech
  18. my engineering teacher opened arduino code in microsoft word and was confused when he couldn't compile it. LMAO xD

  19. anybody know what happened to @Moondrelor


    we had some pretty good chats, they said they were back, but after posting that topic, they never reappeared. what happened. i do have their email, but does anybody know?