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  1. @IncrediblePony Since the 2600k w i l l bottleneck that 1070, tell us your budget so we can reccomend something else, as the 2600k won't cut it.
  2. Desktop, Laptop, Peripherals, & TV Setup Budget $5K

    @vanwazltoff Here is the pcpartpicker: It has an R7-2700X in it with 16gb of RAM, but youc ould easily have an R7-2700 with 32GB of RAM. The 2700X is just the 2700 with a factory OC.
  3. Desktop, Laptop, Peripherals, & TV Setup Budget $5K

    This is a long, but i'll get some lists together, ill be back in a few minutes
  4. Updating Build

    I've seen anything from molex go completely apesh*t, so I wouldn't reccomend. Get a new power supply, it'll be worth it. Also, the NVME heatsink won't do anything
  5. Yeah my username was originally @implosivetech and then i changed it right as the name changing update came out


    just had do

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ImplosiveNUTech


      nah, im abandoning the implosive name


      going to @pierom_qwerty, which is what i use everywhere else

    3. Densetsu


      Makes sense.

    4. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus


      Go through my post history, everything is 101% quality posts... top notch. 😂👌👌👌😯👏👏👏🔥

      I dont think i have shitposted much at all. 🤔

  6. how's it going?

    woah thats deep
  7. What are some legit torrent downloader for windows ?

    qBittorrent im waiting forsomebody to be like: "but torrenting is illegal"
  8. Why is ur profile picture a pic of irl @Ryan_Vickers?

    1. Brink2Three


      Uhhh I don't think it is... 

    2. ImplosiveNUTech


      its a joke


      a year and a half ago there was a petition for him to post a selfie with a pancake on his head, which is where the joke comes from

    3. Brink2Three


      Hahaha I must have missed that one. 

  9. Build a Gaming PC that is of good value


    Build a Gaming PC that you will never use to full potential


    Add a crappy GPU to an old Dell Optiplex


    Use a 10 year old laptop to play minecraft


    Use GeForce Now


    Game on a Cloud Platform - Arisen

  10. Back after almost 4 years

    @Focux as @voiha said, we will be your tour guides today. just down the hall is taran using his combination of 696,969 macros to edit a video, and behind you is a newbie on the forum trying to get 8k ultra settings running of a $200 pc
  11. this pc building guide that verge made is unbarable

    people are hailing the video in the comments on their site please end me https://www.theverge.com/2018/9/13/17828092/gaming-pc-build-custom-how-to-asus-intel-geforce-cost
  12. um... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Child_marriage_in_the_United_States
  13. Unofficial LTT app with source code

    by "wrote", do you mean copied something off of github and then changed the url, or did u actually write it and if u actually knew how to code, u wouldnt take up 3 likes for a note /// <summary> /// Required designer variable. /// </summary> all you need is /// ur mom gey
  14. Unofficial LTT app with source code

    under ur liscence i could take this, copy it directly to a repository of mine, and claim it as my own get a better liscence, but that name is cool tho
  15. tech job help!

    hacking into bank accounts can make u millions a year lets go over it 100k+ a year - yes techy - yes legal- shit, no sorry no can do