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  1. these were seriously used like maybe not even 24 hours, and i have a death in the family and i just stopped and took a long break. also screwed up my CSGO ranking, bc i was gone for so long i deranked like 6 times. lol, oh well. shit happens, and its all good now.

    hey thanks for the imput, i was thinking less just to sell them, but another ?, where do u think i should put them up for sale?, ebay or try just to sell them to a family/friend/acquaintance?


    also i have an i-7 3770k, and 4 sticks of ddr3 crucial Ballistix Elite at 1866 mHz.  any ideas on those? if u dont know i understand i am asking a lot from you. but if so i appreciate it.

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    2. bughtoo


      I am no brand buy :) right now i am using AMD bcs it was much cheaper then Nvidia i was able to buy r9 290x for 300$ when it was 2 months old :D So i took it

    3. jfath85


      understandable, i probably woulda done the same thing, lol, got about enough money for the system i want, but i may wait till nxt round of intel's and nvidia's come out, and im also debating on open or closed loop watercooling, hybrid cards of course, but if its open, im goin all out, everything i can i will, lol, just wanna save up for some killer monitors

    4. bughtoo


      I am selling a monitor right now. A LG 34UM57-P tried it and wasnt a big fan of Ultrawide, now trying to sell it :) And i want to get acer Xf270HU (27" 144HZ IPS 1440P freesync monitor!)

  3. I c that A LOT and i just think thats wayy too much.
  4. I have been looking around on the internet and trying to figure out how much I should sell my 2 Nvidia GTX 780's for..... one is a PNY with the reference cooler, and the other is an EVGA superclocked. They are pretty much brand new, maybe about 24 hours total on the cards all together. I wish I could have used them more but things happend (personal) and I just kinda shut down on it all.... But I've moved on and am much better now, I ended up getting a Gaming Laptop that works just fine, Asus ROG, 970M, 32GB RAM, 500GB SSD boot, 1TB SSHD. I can play pretty much anything on it on full settings and I have just not gotten back to using the desktop. But looking around there is so many out there that range from a little to CRAZY expensive! I'm just looking for a ballpark of what people would think is reasonable to pay..... If anyone could help it would be much appreciated.
  5. Not too much, just trying to decide on waiting till then next round of CPU's and GPU's come out or build now..... also Open or Closed water loop?  hybrid cards of course.  Also trying to figure out how much to sell my old equipment for, because I WAYY more than I need and it would help me get some extra gear that I want to make my build just fantastic!  Any info/comments/questions would be appreciated.