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  1. $350 Monitor Budget IPS. 4K at 60hz or 1440P at 144hz? Any recommendations?
  2. $350 Monitor Budget  IPS.   4K at 60hz or 1440P at 144hz? Any recommendations? 

  3. Which is the better headphone overall? the qc 25 or 35?
  4. are the routers same in performance? What are the main differences? are there range the same? Which one should i buy?
  5. Which is a better option the Google Wifi System or the ASUS RT 88U? they both are $300
  6. Which router is the best? AC5400 Linksys or (ASUS RT88u / Rt AC5300) or Netgear NightHawk X10
  7. I need a well built, good battery, 13-15inch laptop, how much should I spend and what are some options?
  8. How can I set up dual monitors for my PC which has a GTX 1070, and it only has one dvi port, One hdmi and three other ports that I don't know. It is the EVGA GTX 1070 SC. I already have a 1080p monitor and wanna buy another one.
  9. K70 or BlackWidow 2016? Other recommendations?
  10. 21:9 or 16:9 monitor better to have? 6700k, gtx 1070, 16gb ram
  11. Best Monitor IPS under $250?
  12. Matte or Glossy Monitor? Benefits? and why?
  13. 24 vs 27in monitor? under $250 any suggestions?
  14. I had to RMA and get a new one, my one got some static noise and it doped frames frames significantly on 1600x900
  15. Is EVGA GTX 1070 SC good card? reliable?
  16. AVAST antivirus, gta 5 black ops 3 and minecraft with shaders
  17. Black ops 3, GTA V, minecraft with shaders
  18. yes its connected. 6700k gtx 1070 evga SC 16gb ram 650W PS
  19. Since yesterday my GPU has been giving me low fps. im running all games at 1600x900. before every game gave me 60fps now it gives me 35-46. It seems to be using the cpu graphics. and the gpu fan are not spinning.
  20. it seems like its using cpu's graphic, even thought its plugged into the gpu. and the gpu fans are not spinning.