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  1. (Help) silent pc case ???

    must change all pc fans ?
  2. Hi guys i want help me to find a really silent pc case to insulated all bad noises .. i have corsair spec 02 case i change psu with a new one from collermaster .... and i change cpu fan with noctua yes noise is better but still bothers me i really want a quiet-silent pc.. (sorry for my english) thank for your time ..
  3. help me with gaming build

    i think i have bottleneck because my system is old ???
  4. hi guys my system now is i7 2600k ddr3 1333mhz ram gtx 960 2gb ssd samsung 1 tb hdd but i wan to make new fresh pc for high 1080p gaming but what is the best choice for gaming and why ? 1st build : i3 8100 , my own gtx 960 2gb , gigabyte z370 hd3 , 2x8 3000mhz ddr4 ram + my ssd and my hdd or second build 1500x r5 , 1050ti 4gb , msi b350 gaming pro , 2400 mhz ram ddr4 + my ssd and my hdd 1} i have something more questions : 2) who is the difference between for example 2400mhz or 3200mhz or 4000 .. 3)ALL cpu have a corresponding mhz for ram ? .for example 1500x work better with 2400 mhz or with 2666 or 3200 mhz and why ? 4)mhz of ram does matter on gaming ? 5)why userbench show 1st build winner ? ( look photo down) Thanks for your time guys .. <3 ( sorry for my english but i try )
  5. ( Help) best monitor ??

    my english is not good but i try
  6. why is the better ? nvidia or amd card ?

    φιλε δεν θα εχω θεμα με το freesync ? δλδ η rx αν πιανει 30 fps για παραδειγμα σε ενα παιχνιδι το μονιτορ το συγχρονιζει στα 40 fps ενω αν πιανω με την 1050τι 30fps π.χ to monitor τρεχει στα 75 δεν υπαρχει μπλιντιγκ ?? δεν ξερω πως τα λενε
  7. why is the better ? nvidia or amd card ?

    guys im from greece athens the price for the rx 570 is 280-300 €
  8. why is the better ? nvidia or amd card ?

    my budget is 200€ for graphics card
  9. why is the better ? nvidia or amd card ?

    yes but freesync ?
  10. hi guys i want buy Ryzen 1400 8gb ddr4 3000mhz and LG 24MP59G-P 1080p monitor with freesync this monitor working better with rx 560 or gtx 1050 ti ? what is the best choise ? thanks for ur time
  11. what is better ?? {PLS HELP|

    Hi guys i want to buy pc monitor from lg with 1 ms 75 hz and freesync 1080p its better to buy 1060 6gb or rx 560 ? and why I know gtx 1060 its better than 560 ....but .rx560 with freesync is better ?? thank you for your time
  12. Hi guys i have lg g3 for second device for my job my main is iphone 6s i try to uprade device from 5.0 to 6 with Lg pc suite and stuck on 5% pls help me .. ty for ur time..
  13. Help me with monitor ?

    nice but dell have hdr technology lg still better ?
  14. Help me with monitor ?

    Hi guys i want buy a monitor my pc spec is i72600k nvidia gtx 960 2bg and 8bg ram (((in a few months i buy ryzen 1600 and maybe gtx 1060 or rx 570 ))) the monitors i want is lg 24mp59G-P OR Dell S2418H ???