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  1. Fury is widely available @ the original MSRP it's also fairly competitive at $550. It's the Fury X that has repeatedly gone out of stock.
  2. The analysis by Barron's which is unfrotunatenly subscription only, reports that AMD has so far managed to regain substantial share in the mid-rage and performance segments between the $200 and $400 price points, which is where most GPUs are sold. However due to the limited supply of Fiji, likely due to low HBM and/or interposer volumes, Nvidia maintained its marketshare at the $500+ segment. The shortages for the R9 Fury X have gotten so bad that retailers have started to add $250 premiums on the original MSRP of the card, catapulting the price all the way to $899 which is just a rock throw's distance from the Titan X at $1000. Full Article / Source
  3. Great, we've known this for ages.
  4. That's just not true. #1 He'd only have to swap out the CPU instead of having to change out the motherboard and reformat his SSD. #2 He'd only have to spend one fifth the cost if your suggestion. #3 Swapping out a 990FX motherboard for an h81 is a massive DOWNGRADE. #4 The performance benefit is actually quite significant, easily above 30%. This is dictated by math, 8/6 = 1.33, 4/3 (FPU) = 1.33. #5 Because the 8350 has 4 FPUs instead of 3, gaming performance does scale up with the two additional cores, even if the game doesn't use the 2 additional cores at all. http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/48571-intel-amd-architectural-discussion-how-far-ahead-is-intel/
  5. repost http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/354272-skylake-cpus-leaked-with-specs/
  6. I know full well what I'm talking about, nothing of what you mentioned above is false. What is false however is your statement that "Greenland gpu will be a Fiji XT with memory and node improvements" Greenland isn't Fiji, they're two different GPUs. Just like Hawaii (290 series) and Tahiti (280 series) are two different GPUs.
  7. Greenland as reported by Fudzilla is an entirely new GPU and not a die shrink of Fiji. It will succeed Fiji as the new flagship GPU in 2016. Please edit your post accordingly as it contains false information as it is. http://www.fudzilla.com/news/graphics/37584-amd-greenland-2016-is-a-14nm-gpu http://www.kitguru.net/components/graphic-cards/anton-shilov/amd-readies-greenland-graphics-processor/
  8. AMD is working towards updating the graphics card line-up. The new series will debut "later this quarter" very likely at Computex in June. hat's likely to be just the announcement with the actual cards coming in the middle of the summer. Lisa Su AMD President and CEO : CG : Computing and Graphics division. Full Article............. Q1 earnings conference transcript. This is the first time that AMD has directly addressed the 300 series. This was during the company's Q1 earnings call.
  9. This NEVER happened, look up what Nvidia is suing Samsung and Qualcomm over. They don't want them to make and graphics processors at all, because Nvidia claims it exclusively owns the rights to make graphics processing units. I'm not even making this up, please look it up.
  10. This is simply untrue, please do check. The G-Sync module only supports a Displayport output. And because it replaces the scalar of the monitor other outputs can't simply be "added". We're also talking about color processing, not color reproduction. Because G-Sync replaces the scalars employed by monitor makers to drive the panels, special color processing features of brands such as LG, Samsung, Dell and so on cannot be implemented, only what Nvidia implements into the module is available.
  11. The joke is, even at 28nm their GPUs are kicking Intel's ass.
  12. This hardly confirms anything, she obviously just googled the answer. Cross vendor multi-GPU will NEVER work. Google Hydralogix, epic fail, Nvidia blocked it at every level.