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  1. its been bent with a copper mop, very expensive and hard to fin. love mom xx
  2. hello all, can i play xbox games on my ps3???

  3. or you can buy an amazon echo dot (even if you don't live in the USA or UK thats how i did it) and do it via voice with the command "alexa,turn off lights"
  4. Why a Chinese windows/android tablet?why not something like a hp stream or other low end laptop for a decent keyboard etc. (I understand that you'll do your projects at home)
  5. the reason behind that is that i want a simple solution that won't annoy the family and won't be an "eye sore",i do have experience with networking but i just want something simplistic more or less for this reason. hence why consumer products otherwise i could expand my budget and get into a small enterprise network solution.
  6. not really if you think about it lets say 3 people are have laptops,phones and a chrome cast or 2 and some consoles and there thats at least 10. thats why I'm currently looking at the Netgear nighthawk x4s which is MU-MINO
  7. what about this? NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0192911RA?ascsubtag=175767030&m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&tag=linus21-20&th=1 if i buy from america its only $300 Aud delivered extremely tempting if there are no other recommendations.
  8. Hello I'm a router/modem within $450 Aud preferably ive seen some like the netgear nighthawk d7000 and similar and was just wondering if anyone has had any good or bad experiences with one and can recomend one for a home network with about 10 devices connected via wifi and 4 on LAN . Im also on FTTN 100/40 (VDSL2+) Thanks in advanced. - Zack.
  9. hi,I'm not far off doing a build (got most parts but waiting for pascal and motherboard ) and I just want to know if i should go with a msi gaming m7 because it has usb type c and plenty of usb ports 3 with m.2 drive capability or should i go for a high end motherboard etc? like to see other people suggestions, thanks.