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  1. I mean it's awfully optimized on PC and the Xbox One (and One X) are basically PC's
  2. You should also replace Linus and make it a sexy WAN show. Anyway, I hope this doesn't turn into Tay with more power.
  3. Yeah, I don't know why so many people are okay with intense violence but as soon as there is one nip slip, they want to censor it.
  4. Yeah, it really sucks since a lot of the neptune games, save for VII, we're made for the PS Vita, so theoretically it should be easy to play. It might be easier to play with an emulator, if a good one is made.
  5. I mean bitcoins are worth several thousand dollars now
  6. I'm wondering if it would be possible to set aside part of the drive to act as a traditional 32gb Intel optane drive, using it as cache for a hdd. Or, alternatively if this could be split into many caches for many large hdd's. New LTT archive build?
  7. I wouldn't call it "payback" their employees are not the company itself. They didn't make these decisions yet they are the ones suffering.
  8. Oh, whoops, I mis-typed. Yeah, it's an i5-7600k, and is definitely a z270 chipset
  9. I recently got a new gaming desktop, and I wanted to overclock it. I am running an i5-7600k on an MSI Z270-A-Pro motherboard. When I went into the BIOS settings, the multiplier was grayed out, but I was able to change the base clock, in fact, the tips on the right said to adjust it for overclocking. When I looked at the guides online, they said to change the multiplier. Regardless, I was able to get a stable 4.8 ghz, however I am still a bit confused as to what is going on. Does anyone have an explanation for what is happening? EDIT: accidentally said i7 instead of i5
  10. I would really like to see Intel work some magic to put their iGPU solutions on phones. They recently have been getting (relatively) really good performance in their integrated graphics.
  11. I'm pretty sure the second gen Maxwell GPU means it's Tegra X1, the Tegra X2 is Pascal. First generation Maxwell was actually released with low end Kepler cards such as the GTX 750 ti. There was no first generation Tegra.
  12. This is great! I use a Windows tablet for school and it only has 2gb of RAM, so if Chrome does this then that's free performance for me.