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  1. The one called core voltage
  2. Do both sticks work on their own, in both of the slots? In that case it would probably be a motherboard issue, might be worth updating bios.
  3. Is that under load (aka you're doing something intesive with it)? 800mhz is likely the base clock whilst 2ghz will be the boost clock. Fire up cinebench, a game or really anything that'll fully utilize the cpu and you should see it hit 2ghz (or come close if the all-core speed is a bit lower).
  4. You could always start out with the stock cooler since they do the job just fine if you're not overclocking.
  5. Yeah should work just fine as long as you have the 4 physical slots, I have 2 seperate sets of 1x8gb in my pc that work just fine.
  6. Could you check in resource monitor in task manager? This should give us a better idea of what programs are using ram, since not everything is shown in task manager (e.g. windows processes).
  7. In these multi gpu situatiuons a blower is better than a traditional dual fan design, since the blower cooler will move all the hot air out of the case. If, like in the example of the photo you gave us, it were all aftermarket coolers you'd have 4gpus spewing out hot air right next to eachother, so that hot air will very likely end up going back into another card. Basically for single gpu setups you want a two or three fan design, for multiple gpu's packed closely you'd want blowers.
  8. In the last pic you can see that there is roughly 120 gb allocated. I htink if you right click on it, you can allocate it to the drive IIRC.
  9. Got a 1600, mainly just because it came with a good box cooler, good long term support for the cpu compared to the intel chips at the time (7000 series) and was banking on games becoming more multithreaded in the future, which I'd say payed of.
  10. I honestly think the only thing they could add is an official IP rating, though that costs money and excluding it probably helps keep the price down somewhat.
  11. I might be wrong, but that sounds more like a pump than coil whine, I remember coil whhine having a much higher pitch.
  12. I'd love to, but I can't even get the dystem to launch the hdd heck program from my usb stick, have no idea how I would install a fresh copy of windows.
  13. Also, the disk activity light is fully on and stays so, It hink it's a hdd but not sure since I can't hear the disk.
  14. Hey everyone, need some help with this one. I'm helping out someone with their laptop, yet at the boot up screen it stays stuck on the fujitsu logo (a fujitsu laptop). I've tried changing the boot order so windows goes first, but that just results in a black screen exiting the BIOS. Any help yould be appreciated!
  15. Yeah prime tends to generate way more heat than you'd actually see in daily usage. If it runs in the mid 70s in cinebench I'd say it's fine.
  16. Considering Microsoft is a sponor of Mclaren, you might have to run Linux instead of Windows ;D.
  17. Try routing the cable differently, try installing it without the cooler already installed to give yourself some more space to work in.
  18. Platform generally means mobo, cpu and ram. I'd wait to see if we get b550 boards, and then get one of the cheaper 6 cores (I think they're gonna be around 200)
  19. Tried out let's go at a friends house, but compared to the regular pokemon games it was (imo) way too easy, plus kanto is sadly just one of my least liked regions. Didn't know a crash bandicoot remaster cam eout on the switch, so it seems like a good time to start with the series. Diablo 3 might also provide some long term fun, thanks.
  20. Most rumours (AFAIK) were going about a cheaper switch, and even so I'm going an vacation pretty soon so don't mind missing ot on it.
  21. Mostly wanted to get DOOm and CIV 6 since Id'already played them on my pc and liked them, not sure about DOOM yet but for civ I wouldn't need fast and precise controls anyways. Main reason is since this is going to be my protable machine, much less as a home console. I'll be sure to check out Octopath Traveler, reminds me of SNES era rpgs which is nice.
  22. Hey all, planning ot buy a Nintendo Switch next week, and am making a list of games that I plan on getting, so I'd like to hear some recommendations to fill out my list further. Currently I have: -Zelda BotW -Mario Odyssey -Hollow Knight -Smash Bros Ultimate -Mario Kart 8 -Pokemon shield -Mario maker 2 -Dark Souls remastered (is a maybe, probably gonna check it out on pc first) -DOOM -CIV 6
  23. Yeah agree with Constantin, any of the Pixel 3 devices should suffice (though I'm not an expert so more suggestions are welcome :P)
  24. Like jstudrawa said, too many variables. Like how pcs have bottlenecks, coolers also have them and in this case the fans are the bottleneck holding the water cooler back. If they had put the same noctua fans on all coolers, I'm willing to bet water would have won.
  25. It might support 8K, but no way is it going to run games at that resolution (unless we're talking single color puke textures).