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  1. hey guys!! today when I went to my store to get the ASUS MAXIMUS VI HERO mobo, it was out of stock :(! so he told me that there is another mobo which is called ASUS Z87-EXPERT, what do you think of it guys?? what are the differences between the two? Shall I get it or get the Maximus vi hero through the internet?
  2. I met Justin Bieber LOL!
  3. Nutella

    Is it safe?

    @Art Vandelay, I'm getting almost everything from Amazon except these things: NCIX US: Processor, Water cooler, SSD, & Case Fan. Newegg: Power supply ONLY. What do you think guys? Is there anything important you that may get broken or harm so I change to amazon? this was done by PCPartsPicker, as you know they put the lowest price, I have changed many things to Amazon tho. But I don't care if paying a little bit for safety of the parts.. so what do you think? Oh & btw, Is there any risks from pre-ordering http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CUIVSNS/?tag=pcpapi-20? Is there any change that they change the price? I love you all thanks <3
  4. Nutella

    Is it safe?

    Okay guys, so you made me feel good now! I need just need one word from all of you guys which can confirm so I can order. @mgsstar could you please clarify your answer for the question 2 as I'm a little bit scared after I saw it.
  5. Nutella

    Is it safe?

    @Cacao so is it safe to get a monitor through them? or Dead Pixel may occur..? EDIT: I already calculated shipping rates & everything else. Just waiting for confirmation!
  6. Nutella

    Is it safe?

    @crunzaty you said that "There is ALWAYS customers that doesn't get what they want", what will happen if so? I won't get it or they will send again? Also, the monitor I want to get is alot cheaper online! but I may solve it. I'm living in United Arab Emirates & here is MyUs link: http://www.MyUs.com @Art Vandelay, The motherboard isn't available here so what is the solution now? Also, I will be getting it from Amazon! Regards, Nutella
  7. Yeah this monitor is sexy! I'm getting it for my build tomorrow. My friend has it and its really wonderful with a beast look. I'd go for it.
  8. Okay guys instead of opening a new topic I would like to ask you a question.. I live in the Middle East, so I'm gonna use the Aramex "Shop & Ship" Method. Let's suppose that I will be buying the whole build from the internet, and of course I won't! what is the weight you give for this whole build (Approx.)? In Kilograms.
  9. okay guys, since you know in pcs.. I have another simple question! Is 265GB SSD (Samsung 840 Pro) enough for gaming? Yes/No. Where shall I install my OS? HDD/SSD? Much Appreciated!
  10. Hey Guys, So I wanted to confirm my build last night when suddenly I saw someone telling me the my specifications don't fit in the case "Fractal Design R4" , so if someone could help me I will really appreciate it. I Need an awesome case that is easy to work with. Old Thread (Yesterday): http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/27684-gaming-rig-opinions/ PC Spec: Regards, Nutella
  11. Yeah I'm planning to get more than 16GB very soon. Stupid enough? I think you're talking about yourself because even though Windows 7 is old but for me, its x10000 better than Windows 8. Any problem?
  12. I Heard much about it, specially for gaming.
  13. What is this? what do you mean?