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  1. I hope this is in the right topic, but anyways. Is there a way to get the Unify Security Gateway on a NanoPi R2S? https://www.amazon.com/FriendlyElec-NanoPi-R2S-Computer-Dual-Gbps/dp/B0869L6S2Q Recently I have seen that you can put the cloud key on a raspberry pi, and was wondering if you would be able to somehow get the USG on NanoPi R2S as it has dual gigabit ethernet ports on board.
  2. So on this webpage, https://www.instructables.com/id/No-Drowning-Hive-Top-Feeder/, there is a video that starts an animation of a design for a bee hive (I know this isnt tech related), but I am interested in what program or software allows you to build the parts, and have them build themselves as that animation shows.
  3. I shall take a look at that link, and see what I can look into with that.
  4. I have a window right next to an access point panel which looks straight at the barn with nothing in between. The top of the barn has a plastic windowing around it, the rest is metal. But the good news is, the place we want to watch movies at, is at the upper part of the barn,and is able to be seen from the house.
  5. Would you be able to post some of the devices you are referring to please?
  6. So I am trying to get wifi signal from our house, to the pullbarn. the bard I would have to say...it maybe 100 feet from the router? maybe a little less. What type of device would I need to get in order to project a wireless signal, from the house to the barn, and be able to watch netflix and foot ball? Would something along the lines of a wifi extender be in tow?
  7. They keyboard is a Microsoft Digital MEdia Keyboard 3000
  8. So a friend of mine has this HP laptop, i7-8650u and MX150 in it, 1 USB - C, 1 USB, and 1 HDMI on it. The USB - C port has an external dock which has Ethernet, HDMI, and 2 USB - 3 on it. If I plug everything into the laptop, it will not boot, if I unplug the external keyboard, while everything else is plugged in, it turns on. When I move the keyboard from the hub to the actual laptop itself, the laptop will not turn on. When I keep the keyboard unplugged, the laptop turns on fine, and then I can plug the keyboard back into any of the USB ports, and it works like normal. What would cause this behaviour? And how would one fix this?
  9. Ads are not a problem for me. Gotta love AdGuard DNS! And thank you for getting back to me.
  10. So I am looking around, for some free program for my phone, tablet, or PC. Is there something that will scan say...my grocery list, and then make it into editable text that I could add to or remove later?
  11. What motherboard? Only boards I know of though, are server boards which have their own on board gpu. So I might not be much help. Please link your motherboard though as others might be more help
  12. Does Dram make a difference in editing and gaming?
  13. What do you mean M and B&M? Like m.2? they are both nvme
  14. So, Im leaning towards the WD nvme, but which would would do better in Adobe/Video Editing/Gaming? WD Blue SN550 1TB - https://www.newegg.com/western-digital-blue-sn550-nvme-1tb/p/N82E16820250135?Item=N82E16820250135 I see the WD is TLC, and TBW is 600TB, which is a lot more than the Crucial. Faster Read/Write speeds, slightly cheaper, and higher Random R/W Crucial P1 1TB - https://www.newegg.com/crucial-p1-1tb/p/N82E16820156199?Item=9SIA1K69BX6180 Still very quick drive, QLC, lower TBW (about 200 I think)
  15. Might honest be better trying to sell the 1060 and get something really good. Cyberpunk recommends a 1070. So maybe a 1070, or 2070 depending on the price. The higher the graphics in a game, the more I feel vram is used.
  16. So get a Sata sad for gaming then?
  17. I got an Asrock Fatal1ty B350 gaming ITX Motherboard, and ive been using a 128GB m.2 for the longest time and am looking for another speedy storage solution. What would be a good NVME for gaming and just speed. Some productivity will be involved as well. Got a 2TB HDD for my games, but would like some of my more played games on the NVME for them to load quicker. Was looking at this website https://www.pcgamer.com/best-nvme-ssd/ and was checking out the Adata and the WD Black nvme and was thinking about those. What do you guys think?
  18. So I recently got pfSense working on a Watchguard 515 firewall. I got an SSD in it, and I have tried multiple times to try and get all the connections working. Some times I was able to hook all the Ethernet cables up, and I had ethernet, and then i reboot, and it no longer works on my desktop. I cant gain access to the webGUI so I cant do anything there. I have tried these different configurations out, and nothing I do seems to work. Modem/Router (turned wifi on) > pfsense > Switch > PC Modem/Router (turned off wifi part) > pfSense > Switch > PC Modem/Router (turned off still) > pfSense > PC Modem/Router ip is, I have the WAN on pfSense to static, LAN is Router Range is - I can ping from the firewall, so signal is going out, I can also ping my desktop over wifi from the firewall, but then my ethernet address is weird and its a I have even tried turning on the OPT1, OPT2, OPT3, and OPT4 ports with static IP on them, and without. But still no ethernet.
  19. So I have an older Watchguard XTM 515 firewall. I would like to set up PFsense on it, or OPNsense if possibly. I have a rollover cable, and putty up and running. Is there an up to data tutorial on how to do this? I found one, but there seems to be steps missing, and the guy doesnt talk at all during the video.
  20. not sure. i believe they have a free trial still. Could always try as I do not have that game.
  21. Its an app you download on your pc, and your phone, and it simulates VR through your phone
  22. Always been a fan of Statech. Got lots of adapters for them, and willing to pay a little more just for the quality
  23. just to make things more simple over time, would this be a good fit? https://www.amazon.com/StarTech-com-1-8-Cisco-Console-Cable/dp/B07PN72J97/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=startech+Cisco+Console+Cable+USB+to+RJ45&qid=1585227101&sr=8-3&swrs=B0692F670FAC597CC1F4503718C3AEC0
  24. Oh cool! So is there something like that, but connects via a usb? I dont think I have any computer laying around that has that adapter on the left unless its the port that says IOIOI A? I do have a computer with something like that.