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  • CPU
    Intel Core i5 3570k
  • Motherboard
    Asrock H61M-DGS
  • RAM
    8GB DDR3 1600MHz
  • GPU
    MSI GTX 650Ti Boost 2GB
  • Case
    NZXT Source 210
  • Storage
    Samsung 7200RPM 1TB
  • PSU
    Seasonic X-Series 650W
  • Display(s)
    AOC E2243FW
  • Cooling
    Intel stock cooler
  • Keyboard
    Membrane Keyboard
  • Mouse
    Logitech G203
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Motherboard and CPU only. If i go for a i7 2600 or 3770, then i will need to get a motherboard also. As i said, i'm using this SFF (with some modifications so i can fit the gpu) meanwhile i get both parts. That or a 4th gen i5.
  2. Thanks for the replies so far and sorry for the late response, the board i'm using is and OEM one of the HP SFF computer. This is only a temporary solution in the meantime I get a new CPU upgrade and also a new motherboard. So if i go the 3770 route i will need a new motherboard too but i haven't found ones in a good price, also i was considering to go for a 4th gen i5 and a motherboard.
  3. Hi all, i sold to one of my friends my Asus motherboard it was the P8H77M-PRO. So right now i'm using my old computer that came with my cpu the i3 2100 and with some modifications to the case (because it's a SFF pre built) i could fit my GPU in it. So far it's been working good but this is only a temporary solution meanwhile i'm looking for a CPU and motherboard upgrade (and if it applies RAM upgrade depending on the suggestions). So i have right now a budget between 300 and 350 usd for the components, no more. The gpu i'm using is the MSI GTX 650ti boost 2GB, currently have 8gb DDR3 ram in it and the resolution i use to game is 1080p. Thanks and i'm open to any suggestions.
  4. Just bought from a friend of mine a WD 1TB SSHD for the laptop i use for school and also a Hyper X Fury Pro large mouse pad
  5. Actually Hardcore Overclocking Bitwit JayzTwoCents Science Studio Dave Lee Gamers Nexus Green Ham Gaming Hardware Unboxed Hardware Canucks (great case reviews) Tech Showdown Tech Yes City OzTalksHW Tech Of Tomorrow
  6. Have been using it for a few days and played a little bit some games, it's a big difference from my other mouse. Great mouse so far
  7. Just bought today a Logitech G203 mouse, this would be my first "gaming" mouse and its going to replace a HP one i'm using currently x).
  8. @Aereldor US @deXxterlab97 mhh sounds like a good idea, i tend to type a lot and game and i saw that some types of switches are better for somethings than another (is it true?), which type of switches would be good?
  9. Hello everyone. So i'm looking for some suggestions for both peripherals. I found the CM MasterKeys combo and it comes with a good price, but i would like to know other options for the price. For the mouse i'm looking one for fps gaming and also a large mousepad. My budget for the mouse, something not too expensive for about under $40 or $50 more or less. For the keyboard, my budget maybe is same under $40. I like the look of tenkeyless kb and LEDs are a plus. So, for the combo of mouse(w/ mousepad) and kb i would like to stay for about $60-$75 maybe. Thanks!
  10. NiP, Cloud9 and Natus Vincere at the moment.
  11. On summer vacations I'm planning on upgrading my monitor for a 1080p one, also get a cheap laptop for school and a better mouse for gaming and get a mouse pad.
  12. Well more in the future when i start doing more heavy tasks i would consider going for more cores that's for sure. But right now with my current usage i think can't justify going for a 6 or 8 core for some reason . How much difference are on an i5 7600k and a say, a Ryzen 1700?
  13. Hi everyone. So i'm looking on which next upgrade to go from my Sandy Bridge i3, right now i can't decide of which cpu settle for a determined period either from AMD or Intel. I don't usually upgrade too much, i take my time to save up money. I'm looking for something that can give me a very good price/performance and also something that i can stay with it for a good amount of time. I find more easier to upgrade the GPU or other components that the CPU, so it's a MUST that the CPU i choose i can stay for a good amount of time. I know, tech evolves fast but unfortunately i can't upgrade every two years or so for a new platform. My main uses at the moment are school related work from university and gaming. For school related i don't do anything to intensive just programming projects/exercises and using MS Office(reports and that stuff). Maybe some software for my electronics classes but again, nothing to complicated or big. For gaming well i would like to get a 144Hz 1080p monitor, to be able to reach 144fps on games like CS:GO, Rocket League (if it's possible) and fps or games that are a little demanding that can take advantage of 144Hz refresh rate. But on more demanding triple A titles just getting 60fps i'm fine. I don't have a lot of experience on monitors so if going for a 144Hz monitor it's not ideal in my case just tell me. I don't have a determined budget but i'm open for suggestions that meet my usage and see how much i would need to spend on said platform. I just need some options to consider. Also i could consider going used if it's a good option because the price, i have already some DDR3 ram from my current PC. Thanks.
  14. I will look on the define mini c looks like a good option, thanks!
  15. Hello everyone, so i'm looking for a case that supports both mATX and ITX motherboards as well that can be very well dust proof (my current case gets very dusty after a while). Silence is a plus too. For reference my case is the NZXT Source 210, so i'm looking something more compact than that case and it can be either cube or tower form factor i don't have any preference. In price i'm looking for more "budget" or affordable options. I'm thinking about less than 80 usd Thanks!