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    32 GB Ballistix sport LT 2400 MHz
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  1. Looking to purchase a network card for my second PC, not looking to spend more than 40 pounds. I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations? The one I bought for my first PC is the "TP-LINK TL-WDN4800 N900 Wireless Dual Band PCI Express Adapter" It was recommended from someone here, but it is no longer available for purchase. Thank you in advance
  2. I accidentally spilled milk on the bottom left corner of my razer black widow ultimate stealth. I have cleaned it up, first using some cloth to get the milk, then i removed the keys and used cotton swabs It registers in device manager and if i unplug it and plug it in again it makes the connecting sound that windows makes when you plug a device in. But it is not working, tried removing it from device manager and also to restart. Does not work, does anybody have an idea of what to do? Thank you
  3. Works now for some weird reason, restarted it 3 times (went into the game after each restart) on a hunch and suddenly I got high GPU usage. I got another question though, often the textures will be very low res (kinda like if you could run the game on very low) and then suddenly "pop" into existence appearing like they should, do you know if that might be caused from running it on a slower hard drive or something like that?
  4. I restarted a couple of additional times and prayed to Lord Gaben and suddenly it worked, got high GPU usage and good FPS now, but thanks
  5. Already got the latest drivers, have a 750W PSU, how would installing the GPU in a different slot help? It's only a problem in this game, not in any other games. Anyway, can't do the last one since my case is too small to have my GPU any other places.
  6. Hello, I have started playing Kingdom Come Deliverance but have run into a problem, I get 30-40 FPS constantly. This is despite having an overclocked GTX 1080 and i7 6700k. I looked into the issue and turns out that both my GPU and CPU usage is low, GPU usage being low despite running it in 1440p with everything on ultra. I have tried lowering the graphics settings, in which case the GPU usage just lowers even more, so I get the same FPS (usage goes from around 75% to 55% if it goes from ultra to high). CPU usage tends to be around 35-45% no matter what. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have had troubles before with GPU usage but in that case it was with all games, not just a singular one. I appreciate any and all responses
  7. Banned for writing on this post despite me not having written on this forum for months
  8. Ty, shame it's out of stock, guess I will just have to wait until it gets restocked.
  9. Thank you, I have trouble finding it anywhere though (I live in Europe), know any place I can get it?
  10. Huh, Fiio K5 was recommended on the Headphones subreddit, what would something decent be?
  11. Hello, I am getting the HD 600's soon but before I buy them I want to find a proper amp. I can (possibly) buy the E09K for about 20 euro's more than the K5, and was wondering for my needs, if there is a reason to get the E09K over the K5?
  12. .......... I mean, they are already broken, is it hard to clean them?
  13. Sorry I am quoting you a month later, been super busy and forgot all about this, the headphones suffered water damage (got into the left cup where the cable is). Issues began after that, do you have any idea what the water could have done (since it works if I pull the cable hard to the side and up) and if it might be fixable?