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  1. Doesnt it create a new version even if nothing is changed? like these photos are only gonna be edited maybe 1 photo a week, so i dont want to be backing up files that havent changed. also what format are the backups saved in? i need it to be just a regular folder just incase i ever need to transfer it to lets say linux
  2. I've been wanting to backup my photo/video library to an SD Card on a schedule, but I want to keep those files in their original format. When I use file history in windows 10, it will just save unlimited copies until the drive is full, which is useless for me. The only other option in windows would be backup and restore, but that saves it in a container/folder, which isn't what I want. Is there any way that I could backup a folder of photos, on a schedule, and have those photos be in their original state?
  3. do you need wifi on the board or anything? any expansion slots for stuff other than a gpu?
  4. sorry didnt mean to come off that way, i meant it in the way that they sell "4k ready" hdmi cables, which is nonsense, and he doesnt need like some "hdmi 2.0 cable" that some companies try to sell to chumps
  5. oh yeah i know, im just saying like even if he bought some cable from 7(?) years ago, it would still work fine
  6. do you have any of the components yet, or all new? whats your budget?
  7. nah man just buy any hdmi cable honestly, even hdmi 1.4 can do 4k 30fps which is all the ps4 outputs to my knowledge. HDMI is digital, so distance wont matter too much at less than 30 ft or so
  8. Hey guys, I'm looking for a high quality tech toolkit, pretty standard BUT I'd like it to include an rj-45 (ethernet) crimper (and preferably a wire stripper) in it aswell. I know I could buy it separately, but I'd like to have everything under 1 brand/warranty for easy returns if needed, and to keep it from mixing with class tools. I do lots of different repairs between servers, laptops, and especially desktops, so that gives a general idea of required bits. I don't do many repairs on small stuff like phones, but small tips MIGHT be nice if I ever need to work on my glasses LOL (but the focus is really on desktops). I'd like full steel tips because aluminum has always stripped for me, magnetic isn't required but would be a nice touch
  9. Hey guys, strange question for a sticky situation: my brother is trying to edit footage in premiere, but it crashes any time he tries to click anything. He thinks its because his computer cant handle the video files, and premiere just kinda dies. SO we are thinking maybe he sends the files to me, i render them for him, and then send them back to him. he has already done a lot of editing, so starting over is not preferred, but he is kinda against the wall here. so, is it possible for him to send an in-progress edit to me to render?
  10. Alrighty, just formatted it and its all good. thanks for your help man, i havent messed with windows partitions since vista
  11. worked like a charm, but now when i go into disk management, it asks me what partition style i want, should i do MBR, or GPT?
  12. sweet, i hate seeing that extra icon in "My PC", pet peeve, so thats great news. thanks man
  13. Hey guys, I just added a second hard drive to my system from an old laptop. The laptop stopped working, and I salvaged the old hard drive from it as a scratch disk. Once I installed it, I formatted it, because I didn't need any files on it, but now I have a "system reserved" drive. It is located on the new hard drive, so is it safe to just delete that partition?
  14. I second this, im wearing them right now