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  1. to get perfect frame-times. and I want my game to be smoother. just like it is on my switch. I mean I can tell my PC is running at a higher refresh rate but it isn't as natural or smoother as my switch.
  2. Thanks ^~^ I wish we had like more of a frame pracing setting on PC. it seems like there's no focus on that on the PC side. mostly frame rates etc! On my iPhone and within the Windows GUI there's zero input latency, everything is tear free and is super smooth. I wonder why the same can't be done with games.
  3. Apparently I wasn't crazy. I did some research and all and also made a thread. at the perfect case the frame pacing isn't perfect. at 30fps it goes Bonkers. but at 45+ it starts to work. but even then it's not technically fully perfect
  4. not just that but your frame rate needs to be at least the same or higher than your refresh rate too! also RTS in my opinion really helps makes things feel nicer! the frame pacing is more even but not perfect still. wish we hard a hardware level or a low level frame pacing option!
  5. So I randomly realized that my switch is smoother than my PC which is weird. even 30fps feels so "soft" and "natural" eh... for the past 3 days (obviously not 24/7) I tried a ton of settings and read a lot and researched. I never could reach the same smoothness on 30fps but I managed to find out how to get the SMOOTHEST experience. Sorry again I just thought I'd share, I thought "what's the worst case they'll downvote or tell me it's stupid or wrong!" Some fun info: Framerate isn't the whole story. what matters a lot (They both matter obviously) is frame-time and frame pacing. it means how much it takes before a frame is shown relative to each other. for example at 60fps I think it takes 16.6~ms to show each frame. a frame is shown every 16.6ms. in an ideal word and for the ideal experience on a 60hz monitor they're given to the monitor the exact second they want to draw and the same happens at every refresh cycle. like the monitor and graphics card are in sync. for 30fps the frame only is changed every 2 cycles of the monitor which is called "half-sync" also keep in mind monitor refresh rates are usually numbers like 59.996hz rounded to 60hz for ease! Most movies AFAIK are recorded at 27-30fps, the reason they're so smooth is that specially on a camera every frame is just played after the exactly same amount of time. there's no variation between how long each frame takes to display! also triple buffering doesn't add any latency. It's actually supposed to reduce it. the frames AFAIK aren't in a queue. there are 2 back frames and 1 front. instead of swapping back and front the 2 back frames are swapped. the monitor AFAIK just picks the one that isn't being written to. in dual buffer V-Sync the graphics card has to wait to render a new frame. but I'm not sure if the triple buffering we see in the settings menu is the same. So there are a few different things you can do without a FreeSync/G-sync monitor. Keep in mind motion blurr helps with all of them since it can mask jitters or low frame rate! Possible options: V-Sync On, Framerate almost never going under your refresh rate. set your monitor's refresh rate to the min framerate like that. (for some reason this works a lot better for me in borderless): Advantages: Smooth AF, The smoothest I could get it to be. at 60fps it's as smooth as it can "almost" get. basically like my switch running a 60fps game. and the latency is very hard to tell with a controller (almost can't tell?). the frame spacing was "almost" perfect. still saw some spikes. Disadvantages: Latency. for me it wasn't that high but it's pretty annoying in FPS games. though at 100fps~ the latency gets far less and is tolerable for an FPS shooter like this. but I mean for a game like Dishonored or Prey I doubt this matters that much you know? V-Sync Off, in game Limiter (OW and CS) on: Advantages: low latency Disadvantages: Feels and is absolutely terrible. the frame times all over the place and never the same. and I don't think frames are in sync with the monitor. Any sort of Sync Off: Advantages**:** Very Low Latency. Disadvantages: Tearing in Fullscreen, and jittery and not smooth overall. but not bad. specially if your framerate is way over the refresh rate TBH. V-Sync On, RTSS set to your refresh rate: Not good. it's basically like V-sync but with extra jitters and all. V-Sync Off, RTSS Set to your Min Framerate (or if you don't mind the 1% lowest or something): Advantages: Almost no lag. Smooth even though it's a tiny bit less smooth than V-sync (my suspicion is backed up by checking the frame-times) Disadvantages: Tearing on Fullscreen (apparently windows has some sort of nice sync built into it's windows so that's why borderless helps) and not as smooth as V-Sync but nice enough. if you have a Freesync monitor it helps a lot IMO with non limited refresh rates. it's playable and nice but still feels.. different. it's like it's not "soft" but If you have one you have the "perfect" option IMO: FreeSync On, FPS Limited by RTSS: well its almost perfect. still not technically as smooth as v-sync but it's not very notable. almost no latency either. no tearing cause Freesync . I saw frame pacing issues still but somehow Freesync made it nicer! Note: High framerates not only are cooler but make tearing and frame-pacing issues less apparent, they also make things less blurry! 100Hz is a good place IMO and after that there is a difference but less significant than 60-75 and 75-90 etc. I really hope we will soon have something like 90hz as standard on most screens and specially phones since they have animations that include sliding fading etc. also we use them with our fingers so it makes me more awesome! I really hope we can get perfect frame pacing on PCs cause in game limiters aren't good and rtss isn't awesome. my guess is it's because it's a software like this and not a driver or low level stuff (maybe we if it was integrated into the GPU?) I really hope you guys like this I spent a lot of time writing it and I hope it's not wrong or allowed. keep in mind i"m just a gamer like you who is very curious and wanted the smoothest possible experience (cause it was shocking how my cheap not so powerful switch felt nicer)! EDIT: huh this is intresting https://www.blurbusters.com/howto-low-lag-vsync-on/ it says with RTSS you can do change the Frame rate limit to really precise numbers by editing files and get low latency V-Sync. I am honestly exhausted to try it but maybe give it a try!
  6. sometimes my GPU drops down to 50 degrees in overwatch. but that's only sometimes. and decreasing render scale does nothing too. I don't have enough money to buy a new CPU + motherboard so I have to deal with it. I do have a laptop which I don't like. but I just use that for serious work so I don't lose data and use this for regular work. although my laptop has been sent to warranty for like a month
  7. Update: prey is a lot better at 30fps and 30hz. I think this was the issue! not as smooth as the switch but much nicer. Oh I'm more curious. also witcher at maximum runs at 30! but I'm just trying to understand why. and wondering if I can apply the same logic to 60 to make it even better! but I think with prey it's nice! I have an i5-3570K and an rx480. Tho my PC crashes everynow and then. I think there's something wrong with my motherboard + CPU. It's not even bluescreens just the sound going like "vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" and nothing not even the power button working.
  8. ok weird. the images instantly appear on the switch while on my PC they are drawn in a line way. like my PC kinda blinks and has lines in it. only sometimes and barely visible I'm comparing side by side tho. and how does it not feel bad when I switch from my normal 120fps overwatch to 30fps zelda :? and only feels bad going from 30fps zelda to 30fps overwatch or other games (feels less bad in dishonored which is slow phased) I think Mira Yurizaki was actually right. it makes sense. PCs do so much more at the background. there's discord etc. maybe if there was a game we had that you installed like a OS it would work like that I really don't mind it tbh I was just really curious!
  9. the difference is really HUGE so I doubt that! I never took a slow motion video of my switch' lemme try that right now!
  10. Awww. so there's no way? I guess I have to lower my settings. I remember people were always like "BUT PC HAS 60FPS" and blah blah but honestly console feels nicer even with a lower fps. it's just smooth! though I still would stick to my PC cause I love PC games more. Hopefully we'll get more features or something that'll give us consistent frame rates in the future like how we now have freesync etc! the lowest I see is 60 ;c ok the cutom refresh rate setting made it a lot smoother IMO. I've only tried overwatch tho. it's not as smooth as zelda but at this point it could be the settings. I'm gonna install prey again and try it with motion blurr!
  11. I tried it on my monitor. still not the same. also tried a controller on my PC. still not the same.
  12. So I spent the whole day messing around with settings. I never had a console before and when I bought my Nintendo Switch I was shocked at how smooth breath of the wild was at 30fps. almost hard to believe tbh. So I googled and came to the realization that the reason over watch or any other game I have on PC looks so horribly at 30fps compared to zelda is frame times? so when I look around and move around on zelda stuff just get's a little blurry. in PC games "even with motion blurr" it's just a headachy awful mess at 30fps that I can't tolerate. everything is so choppy. even a simple moving forward. while shield surfing is super fluid on my switch. I have a FreeSync Monitor BTW. 0-144hz since it has low frame rate comprehension (I think?! BenQ XL2730Z the original range is 40-140, I love this monitor so much. amazing quality for a TN) so I Tried doing a few things: V-Sync On and off minimum settings outputting 140 FPS and then locking the FPS to 30 trough either the game itself or RTSS. turning FreeSync off and on on every scenario. using a controller because mouse shows frame drops and low frame rate more. triple buffering on and off setting my monitor's refresh rate to 60 instead of 144. playing at 100-120fps with freesync on v-sync off at 144. it feels absolutely amazing tbh! obviously a ton better than the switch too! the smoothness just rocks! so far I found out that the smoothest possibility for 60fps and less is setting my monitor to 60hz and turning on V-sync. it added a little bit of input lag but I'm sure in a game like zelda that wouldn't be obvious to me. but it's still just... Not the same. but 60fps on 144hz (without freesync ) looks worse for some reason to me than 60fps on 60hz (freesync turns of when I set it to 60hz). I mean on my switch everything feels... natural.... Hard to explain. it doesn't feel like a digital game moving around with frame it feels kinda smooth and seamless like a movie you know? Am I missing something? Do Developers not care (or can't) do the Same on a PC? to have exactly the same frame time every frame (zelda sometimes looks like a game boy on really crowded and hard to render areas on portable mode I mean) also why don't they all suffer from tearing? in splatoon 2 I feel no delay with motion controls (kinda like a mouse tbh so it removes the controller argument) and have no tearing? I doubt my TV or the switch's display have freesync! why does the 60-30fps look so much better on my switch? please I just wanna sleep (JK :P) Sorry for the long post I'm a really curious person and can't get this off my mind! the games I tried have been prey overwatch and dishonored death of the outsider since I don't have anything else installed. death of the outsider is slow paced if you play stealth so I guess it's the best comparison. conclusions from a day of testing and taking slow motion videos of my monitor: FreeSync is awesome. best money I've ever spent 144hz is smoooth I really need sleep and a hobby (other than gaming ofc)
  13. Thanks a lot I've also been thinking of ux330! or maybe 430! I'll have to see the prices then! but right now i'm in love with the spectre
  14. The spectre x360 sounds pretty good! should I buy it? I'll need a dongle for HDMI but meh! This is mostly a confimartion. cause I'm not sure if there are issues with it or anything. I mean after googling I found a few people complaining