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  1. I found PureVPN’s BF/CM offer where they are giving their 2 years plan in around $59 which is impressive considering the fact that they also offer antivirus, IDS & IPS, adblocker, url filter etc. along with their hardcore VPN thang like multilogins, multiple protocols, 140 countries etc. So, it seems like a pretty good deal to me. Here’s the link to buy/check their BF/CM offer if anyone's in need of a VPN!
  2. Not sure about others, but I have used an applet by purevpn for DDWRT router which was provided to me by them. But it was only for their service!
  3. Tech bloggers (who write about tech) who often contribute on other sites or /and have their own blogs. Thanks for responding revsilverspine. Do you have a blog or contributions on any sites?
  4. Hey there, I'm trying to get in touch with some tech bloggers who often contribute on other sites or /and have their own blogs. It is for my work and what's better than finding some amaizng people here Hoping to find some interesting ones here!
  5. Jeffy

    delete this

    I second that, choosing a vpn mainly depends of your needs. The options suggested by wkdpaul i.e PureVPN and by ben_lewin i.e. tunnelbear are considerable cause of their better reputation. These two actually are reputable cause they are premium services and PureVPN actually has become more than just a VPN because of their advanced security features. Anyways, the free ones are shady IMO and if you want it for your privacy then it is better to go for a paid reputable one. But if your purpose is different then using the limited free versions of mentioned should be the safest option I suppose.
  6. It is a nice take by Samsung and it should give them a competitive advantage. The dual camera phones are considerably for the high end market but bringing it to mainstream is something which cannot be done by everyone. Now let's see how things turn out to be!
  7. Apparently, flashing it is the only way out!
  8. AFAIK, QNAP is pretty good, but building your own is the best option
  9. I totally agree with you, but on the contrary note I just can't even imagine his state of mind when he accepted his suicidal tendencies and gave it up. He certainly was one of the few people for whom I didn't think of this kinda death. Sad!
  10. Jeffy

    Net Neutrality

    Net Neutrality being a concept is understandable and I agree with what dalekphalm is saying, but I was specifically talking about the protest and mayhem that has been going around for a while. The satellites being the property of US doesn't impact of the throttling I suppose.
  11. Absolutely right! But I'm sure if that would be the case then we will definitely see another savior coming to rescue.
  12. Jeffy

    Net Neutrality

    It is in the US only, but for now. it may come into affect around the globe in near future!
  13. AFAIK about it, the VPNs can stop ISP throttling which means that your connection will be beyond the control of your ISP. This is the easiest workaround that I have explored. But, there are some who are concerned that this work around is not fool proof. Not sure about that but have definitely read about this side of the argument. But the most interesting part is that popular VPN providers like Tunnel Bear, PIA, PureVPN, VYPRVPN, and some others too are taking part in the protest though repealing net neutrality can actually benefit their business as they are supposedly a work around!