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    ryzen 2600 6 core 12 thread
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    B450 AORUS M
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    G.Skill Aegis Series 8GB DDR4-3000
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    Powercolor Red Dragon RX-570 8GB
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    Corsait SPEC02 Redshift
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    1TB seagate
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    EVGA 500W 80 PLUS

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  1. hey all im looking for a decent 1080p monitor with 75Hz if possible (if not then 60 is fine) priced around 60$ to 120$ USD
  2. So i found this vga to vga adaptorwhat would it be used for and what does it serve the the sticker says ddc 1920 RoHS
  3. Link8451

    gtx 580

    to me that would feel like a 1050 or 980 ti
  4. Link8451

    gtx 580

    give us more information are you planning a budget build do you just wanna know the equivalent or something else?
  5. nice but i would recommend getting 2TB drive since games prety big and bigger and also 8gb is the new 4gb so youll be better off with 16 at the least
  6. or you could also search for 2.5 female to 2.5 male
  7. do you mean 3.5mm and yes you can find them on amazon just search up 2.5 female to 3.5 female
  8. What i mean is the system was in sleep when i unplugged instead of off so it had all the tabs and whatever was open still there
  9. It wasnt unplugged whule running it had old data from the old os which was never turned off and i didny notice until i switched drives
  10. So i was swaping hard drives when i unplugged the pc i did not notice it was in sleep so i booted up and i was able to use it for a bit before i got a critical ram error and bluescreen i then remember i turned on the computer 2 weeks ago and never turned it off is there a way to fix the ram or is it just dead i dont really care if its dead i just wanna know if it is possible to fix
  11. I got an error using windows 10 while installing an app it then just blue screens and says ntsf file system error I turn my computer off and back on none of my input devices work no video is outputed but the pci slots and fans are fine I do not know what is going on I have tried removing the bios battery and putting it back in
  12. no still can't boot no power to input devices still