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  1. No matter how many times I set and unset Visual Studio 2019 as my default program for .sln files, it still uses the icon from Visual Studio C# 2010 Express. I use 2010 Express when marking for a course to ensure that my version of VS is the same as what the students use, just in case, but VS 2019 for my own use. This pictures shows what I mean. You can see that, circled (or, boxed, I guess?), .suo files have behaved normally since installing VS 2019. I've tried clearing my IconCache, but to no avail.
  2. So uhh.... I switched back into Normal Startup (everything in selective is enabled, as is everything in the Services tab) and... It's fixed itself now? This makes it pretty hard to diagnose what was causing it ? If it comes back I'll resume from this post and update you farther. ??
  3. Ok I'll let you know how this goes... Looks to be that the line is gone once I disable all startup programs and run it in diagnostic startup... Now, to figure out which program is causing it... ? @Tabs: I re-enabled all of my startup programs, and I still don't see the issue. Therefore it must not be being caused by any of these programs. It must be something in that "System Services" box. Note, when I selected Diagnostic startup, it automatically jumped down to Selective Startup, just with some stuff disabled.
  4. I'm afraid I'm not entirely sure how to do that...
  5. Do you think Dell's PermierColor app could be responsible?
  6. Seems to be gone on Spotify, but Chrome is still having the issue. I'm also not sure if Spotify being fixed is temporary -- it started much later than Chrome so I wouldn't be surprised if this whole thing was generally inconsistent.
  7. Both Spotify and Chrome were installed through installers.
  8. Recently, I've started to see an annoying line across the top of my window when I have my program maximized. It happens in Chrome with a blue line, and in Spotify with a white line. Look along the top edge here: Same goes for Spotify, although only along the top of the window: Note that this doesn't happen when I don't have the window in focus: I've got NVIDIA GeForce Driver 397.93. As of July 6th, 2018, 2:05 PM, Windows Update says I'm up to date. Chrome is up to date -- Version 67.0.3396.99 (Official Build) (64-bit). Has anyone seen this issue before? Any tips as to what I should try next? It's been bugging me for about a month now. Thanks.
  9. Title says most of it. When I have chrome full screened, it has a line of pixels along the top edge of the screen. This only happens on my 4K laptop, not my 1080p desktop monitor. The colour is the same as my windows theme, so I assume it's the border that's normally put around non-maximized windows. Why, however, it's displaying when I have it maximized, I don't know. See example: It does not happen when the window is not focused:
  10. Huh. It seems that by telling it to auto-repeat the headers it's just automatically moving it down to the next page where it fits. Same way it would for a picture. Nice!
  11. Oh, nevermind. I just found it in like 4 seconds. HA
  12. When I'm done the document I will be 100% making sure it's on one page. Also, I'm not even sure how to repeat the header on a new page. Care to educate me? Is it done manually or is there a tick-box I'm missing?
  13. Title says it all, mostly. These screenshots will explain better: What it should look like: What it looks like over the page break: Notice how the speed and displacement are absent in the second picture? Yeah. That's the issue. They're still there, but I just can't see them. They don't show up in print preview either. I know they're still there because I can copy/cut and paste them out of the table, but as soon as a) I put them back in the table and b) they go over the page break, they vanish. And it's not like they're all in one equation object: each line is its own. It only happens to the ones that are above the break. If I move the whole thing down two lines, they all appear, but then I have a large space at the end of my first page. I'd prefer not to just stick a page-break (ctrl+enter) in there, since that would shift things largely if I was to change text above the break. Even if nobody knows how to fix it without a workaround, I'd like to at least know what causes is. Thanks.
  14. Yup!! I changed Google Chrome's display language to English (Canada) and now both color/colour check/cheque are accepted as correct. Thank you!!
  15. It's Facebook Messenger running through Google Chrome. I'll check my Chrome's settings...