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Prophet of Entropy

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  • Birthday 1981-06-28

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    Peace River, AB Canada
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    Guns, Computers and Books.


  • CPU
    2600k 4.6ghz@1.29v
  • Motherboard
    p8p67 deluxe
  • RAM
    crucial 16g 1333mhz
  • GPU
    gtx780 X2
  • Case
    XSPC H1
  • Storage
    crucial m500 960gb
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    seasonic 1000w platinum
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    dell U3011, acer x243w
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    custom liquid loop
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    blackwidow ultimate 2013
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    rat 7
  • Sound
    logitech 5.1
  • Operating System
    windows 7 pro
  1. this looks like a nice phone, I know a lot of guys who would like a flir camera on their phone, tons of uses for doing equipment maintenance and wear monitoring.
  2. it's art, provoked emotion and conversation. also no Nazi or Imp Japanese imagery, just pseudo fascist imagery, since its based on Philip K. Dick's alt history novel of the same name it makes perfect sense. so its a perfectly fine add. I quite like it.
  3. 16GB of vram, 10Xs the bandwidth, those are gonna be some tasty textures that take advantage of that.
  4. why would you think an economic collapse would lead to a technological dark age? that makes as much sense as "If you run out of food everything will die!"
  5. turkey is an "ally" in the fight against ISIS like Pakistan was an "ally" in the fight against the taliban
  6. yea ISIS has tons of US weapons, but the US never gave them to any. what they have they took from Iraqs army when they first came into Iraq and their army either surrendered and was executed, ran away or fought poorly and died.
  7. no he got off easy. 11 years of simple internet monitoring for helping, and helping someone join, group who practices rape and murder as much as the US army practices driving. remember according to ISIS its ok to take a 9 year old as a slave force her to marry you so you can rape her. plus they pretty much shoot any fighter who surrenders to them. they have murdered thousands of surrenders soldiers. plus murdering people who try to tell them not to do those things. or how bout beating women who they deem not "modest" enough. he's a piece of shit who deserves to be killed like every member of isis or supporter.
  8. every member of ISIS needs to get blown the fuck up. if you don't agree with me, try reading up on what ISIS does in the regions it controls to people who wont subscribe to their version of islam.
  9. it will. when I was bleeding the air out of my system I would pulse my pump from 30% (what I normally run it at) power to full to help dislodge air pockets. foam isn't going to hurt you loop unless theres' so much that it air locks your pump
  10. the current level of stockpiled thorium in LFTR reactors could power all of the current earths needs for 400 years. we don't look for thorium atm, its a mining by product.
  11. "thorium isn't naturally fissionable" true that's what makes it safer then uranium or PU reactors. no runaway reaction. "Its more expensive" if you factor then environment into things coal is more expensive then nuclear. "it also creates nuclear waste, more then uranium" depending on what type of reactor your using this could be true. (I'm not a nuclear engineer, but I don't think you are either) but current style uranium fuel rod reactors only use a tiny portion of the fuel in a rod, (0.5% of the uranium in a rod is consumed before its considered spent IIRC). the problem with using current nuclear plants for power is they are all based on a tech line that was focused on creating something that exploded. not on something that is safe.
  12. lol, of course it wont be the US gov, not so long as MS keeps letting them take free hits of that sweet sweet data.
  13. something to do with HGST drives costing 2-3 times as much as the WD drives.
  14. not kill, just have the courtesy to give us a reach-around. for those who don't get the reference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wRHcfF1Sqs Telus just put in fiber in my town this summer and our bill is about 240$ a month for basic phone and a 100/20 connection with no data cap