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  1. I'm rocking a gtx 770 that is starting to be just enough to run new games smoothly on medium settings. I was already thinking about upgrading and getting a opportunity to get it for free seems nice.
  2. My computer doesn't show anything named koobface. This doesn't mean it isn't there but I am not a big Facebook user (2 times a month is much). I will download ADWCleaner tomorrow and see if that fixes anything.
  3. The only hardware i added recently is a ps4 controller. It isn't plugged in unless I'm using it. My mouse and keyboard are plugged into usb 2.0. The only peripheral I have added recently that is constantly plugged in is my headphone via a 3mm jack. So i don't think that is my problem but it is really nice that people are helping.
  4. Does anybody know if this is a bios or a os problem?
  5. I just did again and it doesn't report anyting
  6. I am running one now to check again. I think the last time i did it was after my problem started.
  7. As the title says I have an issue with my boot/shutdown time. for about 1,5 year it has been fine but a couple of days ago it really slowed down without me changing anything that should infect this issue. I will try to describe my problem a little more specific. when booting my secondary screen turns on and shows the windows start up animation. My primary screen takes about 10 sec longer. After some time my pc goes to the login screen. I had this turned off so it would go directly to my desktop. While using my computer I don't really notice any differences. When shutting down i get the usual animation and my screens and mouse (usb power) turn off, but my data light (i don't know how it is called, it's the light that flickers when you write/read data) keeps flickering for 2 min then it turns off specs: OS: windows 10 home edition 64 bit version 1511 CPU: i7-4771 Motherboard: MSI Z97-Gaming 5 RAM: 16gb (2x8) DDR3 Boot drive: Samsung 850 evo ssd Video card: MSI GTX770 2gb PSU: 620W Primary screen: Dell U2414H Secondary screen: iiyama prolite E2483HS BIOS version: E7917IMS V1.0 Thanks in advance
  8. maybe I should introduce you to the forums
  9. In that case I am already past that point. Does that make my a quick learner?
  10. Hi, do you know if there are any important things i have to do before i can try to become part of this community?
  11. For those who didn't listen, Hi i'm new and i just wanted to check if my profile settings worked