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    Upstate NY, USA
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    Building computers of course, Programming (C++, C#, C, Lua, Java), Cars, Money
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    Programmer, Musician, Gamer, PC Builder, Hardware Enthusiast. Really enjoy learning about more technical aspects of hardware, such as architecture design.


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    i7-7700k @ 4.8GHz
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    Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 5
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    16GB Corsair Vengance LED
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    1080 Ti FTW3 (Full Cover Water Block)
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    Corsair Carbide Air 540 (Black)
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    Intel 900P 480GB AIC [Boot], Samsung 950 Pro [Games], Samsung 950 Evo [Scratch Disk], WD Blue [Mass]
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    Corsair HX850i
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    1440p IPS Acer
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    Custom Hardline Loop (EKWB Blocks, Bitspower Fittings)
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    Corsair Strafe RGB w/ Cherry Red
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    Corsair M65 RGB
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    Focusrite DAC w/ Audio Technicha M50X
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    Windows 10

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  1. Unfortunately it is not good at FP32, at all. From gamers nexus video. So no for gaming lol. They have data from the announcment
  2. zberry7


    Honestly looks like a blower style 580 to me. Its not a new GPU, its still an RX 580. There might be a new cooler design from MSI though, but it doesn't look special. The fins are horizontal so most of the air will come out where the IO bracket is or the other end of the card. Honestly I wouldn't expect it to run much differently than any other blower style 580.
  3. If you plug it into your mobo/hub, the fan speed should ramp up with the CPU temp, but you just might want to tune it some, for optimal noise/performance. edit: no problem
  4. Yes, you will just have to set up the fan curves. The headers coming from the AIO are controlled by the firmware, to scale PWM duty cycle with CPU/Coolant temps automatically. If you don't use them youll just have to manually make sure the fans ramp up as you desire.
  5. lol. *reads “online elements”* *instantly assume game is built around microtrans* *get pitchfork* *read response from CDPR* *put pitchfork back* yall are trippin lol
  6. Select the drive partition your trying to install windows to, and select 'delete'. This will pretty much 'unformat' the drive. Then try to install to that drive. It will format the drive for you when you choose to install to it I was just reinstalling windows on my new Intel 900P this morning
  7. I have this same issue with my Z170 Gaming 5 from them. I have 6 case fans (3 front rad, 2 top rad and one normal case fan). All except the top 2 are Vardars, the top 2 are Corsair SP120 performance editions. When they pin to 100 on boot it’s extreenly loud especially compared to the vardars. It’s the most annoying thing ever lol Im just gonna replace them with more vardars when I get a chance
  8. The GPU companies use the same chips/arch across all products/markets. If they are making a graphics capable arch, they just have to throw it in a board, make drivers and profit. I doubt intel would even try if they couldn’t get around the patents. Im just saying, they state graphics specifically, if they are making a graphics capable arch, they will create a consumer version. Probably not first (like nvidia does) but eventually.
  9. You’re ignoring the OS. The OS has a huge impact on performance. It handles a lot of the “close to hardware” stuff where major optimization’s can be made. And obviously Apple writes the OS
  10. I actually would disagree. Why would they create an architecture for graphics and not ever release a consumer variant. And by Intels own wording on the matter, they specifically state graphics and compute and not just the latter. Also “wide range” and “high end”. It would be quite the shite business decision to not use some of the chips for consumer variants, they can target two separate markets with a single GPU, like the other companies do. People are overly pessimistic about this imo. Since I’ve been into hardware I haven’t seen nvidia or AMD create an entire new architecture and never release a consumer variant, because it’s expensive to make and you want to recoup that investment in all applicable markets. edit: before someone says Volta, they will eventually lol. Intel will probably start with business/professional/compute cards but they almost definatley will also release consumer cards. Also Raja is in charge, I have faith
  11. https://newsroom.intel.com/news-releases/raja-koduri-joins-intel/ They officially announced they are making discrete graphics cards
  12. Intel is going to start making discrete GPUs also. Sounds like they will making both compute and consumer graphics cards edit: @Hackentosher seriously no joke lol
  13. Really don’t think all of these should have been merged, the Raja news and the Intel/AMD APU are separate topics
  14. Can’t wait to see their naming scheme for the GPUs. Intel GFX9 2946739K Extreme Ultamite Megatasking Edition