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    5820k @4.6ghz
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    MSI X99
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    16gb DDR4 XSPC coolers
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    Fury X Crossfire
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    2014 Area 51
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    Asus RAIDR, Velociraptor, 480GB OCZ ARC 100.
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    Corsair AX 1200
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    Acer XB280HK
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    AIO cooling
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    Razer BW BF4 ed
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  1. This is amazing. I love it. Around 11 years ago I was going to do a sponsored build for Noctua, using two Area 51 cases. I actually made these panels, but when the paint arrived it was totally the wrong colours and yeah it might not have happened... But yeah, this has needed to happen for a veeeery long time.
  2. 2080Ti Kingpin is faster than the Titan out of the box, and considerably faster if you volt mod it. It's also cheaper than the Titan, and is water cooled out of the box.
  3. Oh and after 5 years I figured I was due a new monitor.
  4. OK so the only thing that was clearly an afterthought on this case was the feet. Or rather the lack of feet. They used rubber squares, which on carpet lasted for around ten minutes after the rig started getting heavy. The vented bottom panels are held in with poppers and a single screw at the back. This means that if you rotate the case on the carpet the bottom panels warp and pull out. Not good. I don't know how long it will be until this rig is at my house where it should be, but for right now whilst still working on it I needed to do something. So I shot across an email to a pal with some amazing machinery, and we came up with this out of 10mm black acryl. Every edge has been chamfered using a chamfer tool to prevent them dragging on carpet. So they should offer good manoeuvrability on carpet, yet when I get it home onto the linoleum I can add 3m felt pads. They're 70x70mm, btw. Should be here in a couple of days.
  5. You can use any board with the IO. It's just connected up using USB. You may need to try different versions of the control centre however, as certain ones look for the board's DMI. I've got a Threadripper in my A51 and it all works as it should. I've also got an X99 Godlike in my triad rig. Which also works fine. Alienware stopped locking out the software years ago.
  6. Hands down the best RGB I have used yet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeFbmjDkw54
  7. Slowly getting there. Delays unavoidable sadly. No more blue cable, though.
  8. Ugh. Decided to hook up the frames. I had to get this to do so. I wouldn't have, but HWC did a video on the neons today that I was looking at and I cracked. I suppose it will be nice to actually see the hardware in there.
  9. Few things in the pipeline. I ordered a pair of these for the front in 140mm. I am using a 240 rad and there are gaps I don't like. I got a sound card set up for the rig. Which is now in and fitted. I tried this on the riser but it didn't work. So I have ordered some kit to sort out the blue USB cable that shunts the PCIE. I also didn't realise how Ryzen works, and that the PCH gives you more lanes than I thought you had. So I got this for the 256gb NVME drive and this will reside in the full length X4 slot. Oh yeah I got this too for storage. It's in the bottom slot on the board (so top in this orientation) As the Patriots won't fit under the cover.
  10. OK so I got the build mostly done yesterday, with cable tidying training and ties to go in. It's all up and running. Note it still has the umbilical cords attached. Panels. Few issues. The GPU would not go in the bottom and the ribbon reach to the top (or bottom in this case) PCIE slot. Second one is X4, don't even think the GPU would run in that. The X1 PCIE ribbon is far too short to reach the board. Even with another one (and it was expensive) it still wasn't long enough. Also due to it having to be in the bottom due to the way the cable exits it wouldn't fit, pushing the sound card up. I am ruthlessly determined to get my sound card in, and hopefully upgrade it to a Nu Audio soon. However, for right now I found this. There are two good things about that. Firstly it will fit under the sound card. Secondly the PCIE connector is right angled to the USB, so it won't stick up like a boner. I was going to ditch the silver PCIE cable, but Cablemod want 70 euros min order. Not worth it for one 8 pin GPU cable, so I will stick with the silver given I already got this for the sound card. So I got this for the PCIE riser board power. And I think it will look better with a bit more silver in there. Not only that but the panels are quite heavily tinted, which will tone the silver down I reckon. It's all up and booting though, so I am well pleased about that.
  11. I would imagine so. I mean, that was a looooong time ago tbh but I don't recall any errors. I had to rotate the cooler and just run the central fan. I have some pics but I am away from home at the moment so don't have access to them.
  12. I had a NHD-14 in mine. I had to cut it a bit to get it over that stupid northbridge cooler (and remove the fan off that because it was pointless) but it worked really well.
  13. I had one with rough side panels before so I wrapped them. You'll never get to the original finish as it has flake in it. It's quite difficult to wrap, but I got there using a hair dryer. The right side panel (as you look at it straight on) requires pretty much a full tear down to get off. It's a real PITA. Good luck I'll keep my eye on this. That isn't the original cooler, BTW. That's a H55 with super short tubes. I would fire that up on another PSU and stick your ear to the pump. You'll soon know if it's dead.