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    Intel Core i7 - 4790
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    Gigabyte GA-H81M-DS2
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    Avexir Core Series 2x4gb 1600Mhz
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    Asus Strix GTX 1060 OC 6gb
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    Enermax Ostrog
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  1. Alright and yes i am well aware on checking the temps :D thanks! Ohh i see i saw my friend's zotac amp 1060 6gb was stable at +150 core and 300 on mem so i was thinking if that would work on a factory OCd card Yees thats what i am planning actually going beyond it just to try it out and yes i am checking the temps and i am sure it would increase
  2. Hey guys! Anyone with a Galax GTX 1060 OC 6gb (not the EXOC) with stable safe overclock settings? I am planning to test the power of this thing and see how well it does but i just wanted the settings to be safe since i'm new to overclocking. Thanks guys!
  3. I see ill try finding another one but usually sellers here still sells their card at almost the brand new price thats why i thought settling on the mining card. Btw i forgot to mention that the card has still warranty here at our local store
  4. I'm actually eying on it since here in the philippines the price of gpu's is around 375$ and it's really pricey that's why i decided to buy a second hand gpu. Also heard that some says mining GPUs are safer than Gpus made for gaming? Not sure tho but that's what i heard. Also i don't have a credit card sadly Yeah was wondering that too but that's cheap here in the philippines already since some second hand sellers are still overpriced even when mined i wish i could man and yeah i don't wanna give it to miners but i'm out of options a bit hahaha Yeah actually heard that mining gpus are safer than gaming gpus that's why im not so sure hahaha
  5. Hey guys i am viewing a Palit Jetstream 1060 6gb that was mined for 4 months. Do you think it's still worth it or nah? Thanks guys! the cost of the GPU btw is around 234$.
  6. I'm worrying about the width actually sorry should edit my post
  7. Hi guys so i was wondering if a Palit Super Jetstream gtx 1060 would fit on my case? I'm actually worrying about the width of the card. My case is the Fractal Design Core 500 Thanks guys!
  8. Hey guys! I was wondering if these two GPUs which is the Gigabyte 1060 Xtreme Gaming or the Palit 1060 Jetstream would fit my case which is Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced. Do you guys have any pics that could help? I was wondering because maybe the cards are too thick that it would hit the back part metal of the case. I wouldn't mind too if I couldn't close the case as long as it would fit haha thanks guys!
  9. Hey guys im choosing between these 3 thermal pastes which is the Deep Cool z5, Noctua NT-H1, and the Cooler master master gel pro. Which should i choose on those 3? thanks!
  10. Yeah the price is worth it i think and i would be asking a friend to change its thermal pads and pastes just to make sure haha but is my psu enough?
  11. Not sure if it's accurate but i tried the cooler master power supply calculator and i added all the components i have and it says there that Load Wattage is at 434w and recommended wattage is 484w
  12. I won't be planning on overclocking it but it will be used mostly in gaming. I only have 1xssd, 1xhdd, an i3 6100,led strips, and 2x120mm fans cause it's an ITX build
  13. Hey guys i'm planning on getting a second hand gtx 690 for 118 dollars and i'm just gonna buy it as a temporary gpu and I was wondering on how much power draw does it get on load? I have a Seasonic M12II eVO 620W 80 bronze and i was wondering if it could handle the 690 since it is considered as an SLI gpu? Thanks guys!
  14. Thanks for the reply guys!! Im still getting it tho cause he would give it to me hahahaha